TG4 Underdogs

Deserves its own thread, in truth this hat probably deserves its own thread.

Loved that show!

One lad here and the reason he hasn’t made it big is obvious from his appearance

One lad is at least 2 stone overweight

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Who’s this half cast fella @myboyblue

Is he a traveller?

Ritchie says he’s in the gym all the time :joy::joy::joy:

Must be cleaning the jacks or something

Racist decision there

That lad was like the guy they bring into a soap opera for a few weeks just so they can kill someone off.

They lad had no intrest

X factor lite here now

Some lads getting a bit carried away with this :grinning:

I’d say there wasn’t 40 lads at the trials

More like 14

This lad should transfer to Waherford,he’d surely get a game with them

He wasn’t able to kick with his right foot. He’s from Kilkenny after all

So they just got hammered by a club side in Kerry called Ballyhadeen or something, 1-16 to 0-11. And now it’s been announced they’re playing the Dubs in two weeks time in Parnell park live on TG4 :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Forbes, your typical Graigue man really. Has it, just isn’t arsed outside the Graigue bubble. Did he get the bullet?

Parnell Park? Fuck sake. Why aren’t we playing this at our home venue?

Dubs ladies?

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