Troops moving in on anti-government protesters who have occupied part of Bangkok for the last couple of weeks. Has the potential to get real messy. Pity the Thai’s, they seem a decent shower, yet between Shinawatra scum type corrupt politicians and an economy based on attracting even scummier tourists, they don’t appear to be getting a fair crack of the whip.

This will lead to civil war, the country really seems split between Shinawatra supporters and haters.

The most pathetic thing is tourists arriving there this week and acting all surprised when they saw what was happeneing “This will ruin my holiday” said one. Oh really fuckwit? Its only been happening for 2 months now.

Bangkok is such a great city, full of life. Hopefully they can sort this out before it gets worse.

Ya you would have to wonder about the mindset of people flying into Bangkok still as part of their ‘travelling’.

Well the reports i have heard have said that its not affecting anywhere only a small area, and its completely safe for people to go there. Its very isolated, and apparently in an area where tourists rarely go anyway. I don’t know, never been, but its seems its still at this stage no bother at all.

WTF - there is people being killed every day in Bangkok, riots in the streets, Bangkok is a battleground and seems like will only get worse. The airport is bound to be a battleground at some stage so why tourists are stopping off in Bangkok for a bit of site seeing is beyond belief.

On the ball as always Kev

Thai authorities said troops will continue operations in Bangkok overnight as rioting and violence continued in the city after protest leaders surrendered.

Rioting and fires swept the capital after troops stormed a protest encampment, forcing protest leaders to surrender, but sparking clashes that killed at least four people and triggered unrest in northern Thailand.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has ordered a curfew in Bangkok until tomorrow. A Government spokesman said foreign tourists carrying passports and travel documents will be exempt from the curfew, allowing them to go to Bangkok’s airports.

Using armoured vehicles and firing semi-automatic weapons from an overpass, soldiers made an early morning advance on an area occupied for more than six weeks by thousands of Red Shirt demonstrators in Bangkok’s commercial heart.

As they surrounded the main protest site, top protest leaders offered to surrender as supporters urged them to fight on, many screaming and crying as gun fire rang out nearby.

Moments later, live television showed four Red Shirt protest leaders in police custody and an army spokesman said in a televison broadcast the protest site was under army control and the military had halted operations.

Six days of chaotic street fighting between protesters and troops in the capital has left at least 39 people dead and 329 and wounded.

Violence also spread to northeast Thailand, a Red Shirt stronghold, where protesters stormed a town hall complex in the city of Udon Thani today, setting a building ablaze, and torched a second town hall in Khon Kaen.

Three grenades exploded outside the main Bangkok protest site this morning, badly wounding two soldiers and a foreign journalist, a Reuters witness said. Rioting was seen in five areas of the city as protesters lit fires and burned tyres. Some hotels set up wooden barricades.

Three journalists were among 50 people wounded today and one Italian journalist was killed.

Troops and armoured vehicles broke through the protesters’ three-metre-high barricades of tyres and bamboo, and fired tear gas and automatic rifle-fire at the protesters.

Two bodies were found on Ratchadamri Road, which leads to the main protest site after troops followed the army vehicle into the encampment, a Reuters witness said. They appeared to have been shot. The Red Shirts fired back, witnesses said.

Protesters ignited walls of tyres as the troops arrived, causing thick black smoke to billow high over skyscrapers and hiding thousands of demonstrators who have occupied the heart of Bangkok’s commercial district for more than six weeks.

Television footage showed fires burning across Bangkok, a city of nine million people. Thailand’s stock exchange was substantially damaged by fire and protestors set blazes in the Central World and Siam Paragon shopping malls, Channel 9 television footage showed.

The mostly rural and urban poor protestors broadly support former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a billionaire ousted in a 2006 coup and living in self-imposed exile to avoid a jail sentence for corruption.

Mr Thaksin raised the spectre of insurrection in an interview today. “There is a theory saying a military crackdown can spread resentment and these resentful people will become guerrillas,” he said, but declined to say where he was speaking from.

He denied an accusation by a top aide of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva that he was the stumbling block for failed talks between the government and the protest leaders.

The military offensive came a day after the collapse of a proposal for talks aimed at ending five days of chaotic street fighting that descended into urban warfare that killed 39 people and wounded more than 300.

Two buildings were on fire on the periphery of the protest encampment, a bank and a government building.

The Red Shirts accuse Mr Abhisit of lacking a popular mandate after coming to power in a controversial parliamentary vote in 2008 with tacit backing from the military. They have demanded immediate elections.

Troops over the past few days had thrown a cordon around the protest site, a tent city at the Rachaprasong intersection, paralysing the heart of Bangkok. Hundreds of women and children have taken refuge in a temple inside the protest area.

Protesters have stockpiled food, water, and supplies in the encampment since Thursday when the assassination of a major-general allied to the Red Shirts, and an army operation to pressure them, sparked the latest wave of violence that has killed 68 people and wounded more than 1,700 since the demonstrations began in mid-March.

Nothing to see here at all :rolleyes:

Looks like a sort of an Operation Motorman style effort this morning. I’m always suspicious of lads going off on ‘golfing’ holidays to Thailand.

Hey, i was only listening to the radio yesterday evening when a guy on from thailand was saying this on a travel show. I know nothing more about it other than what you posted there now. Maybe the report is dated, i don’t know.

:lol: you have put down a fair week of bold statements.

Well maybe next time do a small bit more research on the topic before making an outlandish statement.



Why, do you research everything you post, clearly not. Its what i had heard, hadn’t taken any interest in the subject at all till today.


Clearly rattled Kev. Just walk away now while you still have the chance.

Kev, you’re in Bangkok on holidays aren’t you?

Oh shaking like a leaf

Keep moving young fella.

Kev, you know as much about Thailand as you know about Cork senior football. Three tips, three losers. Take a leaf out of The Dunph’s guide to pro punting fella.

Its already been ascertained that the premium poster on Cork GAA Championships is The Runt. Keep up SS.

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