3 good bets.
A bet is a punt, 3 good punts. Didn’t work out, sorry about that.


Jaysus, its fairly gone to shit there now. Bangkok burning, curfews imposed, fighting breaking out in regional cities.

Will you get out in time Kev?


Sure its only isolated to one non-tourist area Fitzy. Kev will be grand.


I’m sorry Kev, a losing bet is a losing bet whatever way you look at it.


Next week on Kevs Travel Guide:

Iraq, where waving an american flag is sure to mean plenty of friendly banter with the locals.


Absolutely, thats why the bookies have made more money than anybody else.

My point is every bet is a risk, some more than others though.


Coming next week, Kev explains how night follows day…


Do any of you know this guy Conor Purcell who was arrested in Thailand - he was protesting with the red shirts, caliming he was an intermediary between them and the army, as he was the only one who would brave the bullets.

He lives in Perth, but is most definitely Irish, says he served in the Australian Aramy, in the SAS, which seems to be a load of oul bollocks.

Then again, it could be Kev.


yeah, i know him alright- used to play sigerson with him back in the day


Those chaps who were missing in the cave have been found alive



Are they out or still stuck in there?


Don’t think they are out


Great stuff.


Great country.


you’d say that allright ya dirty old bollux




Former Thai Navy Seal diver dies in cave rescue effort


They’ve gone in for the young fellas.


They only have 3 days before intense rains come and block access to the caves for months. They also need to get them out in time for the world cup final


Isn’t kick off delayed due to some game in Galway or something, that’ll give more time.