That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith

for allowing this bent cunt any more of our time, airwaves or money

Bertie Ahern becomes RT TV presenter

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is to become a guest presenter on an RT Television show later this month.

The TD will guest present the RT Two sports programme ‘The Road to Croker’ on Thursday 21 August from An Gaeltacht in Kerry.

Guests on the show will include Kerry legend Pid S and his three GAA All-Star nephews Darragh, Toms and Marc.

Watch the promo video.

Commenting, Ahern said: “I’ve always watched ‘The Road to Croker’. It’s a great show and I’m delighted that I’ll have the opportunity to present it on 21 August.”

‘The Road to Croker’ is a Loose Horse production for RT Television.

fuck off you fine gael cunt…


i don’y haveany party allegiance because they’ve all got skeletons in their closet

I suppose leaving his secretary out to dry and to take the bullet for hm in the tibunal was the mark of a prince among men ?

who said he was a prince among men…a fine parlimentarian and gave a lot to this country…why exactly have you a problem with him hosting a sports show…it would be different if it was a show about ethics…

I’m not surprised prestigious sport programmes have been tracking Bertie since his wonderful performance on The Premiership a few years ago.

and do you think that a man with no ethics has a place presentng a show on our national broadcaster ?
the man has no place on TV unless he is totally vindicated by the tribunal
afine parliamentarian with no respect for the law of the land

next week the road to croker will be guest presented by joe o’reilly and derry O’Rourke


Class. Where’s the show coming from?

split show

one part broadcast from E wing in Mountjoy
and the rest from arbour hill

i think you are telling fibs now art…how can you come on here and mouth about bertie when you are telling lies yourself…

eh ?

About time he was brought back. This country has gone to shit since he left.

A lying kunt and the most populist sports fan of all time…

Man Utd for the soccer.
Dublin for the football, but is really pally with the Kerry mob.
Cork for the hurling.

Surprised he couldn’t get a Kilkenny angle aswell, but lets face it there are more votes in Cork.

A sleveen kunt who has been caught out lying on more than one occasion, but still pulls the wool over alot of eyes.

Four words

Money on a horse

Berties slipped the noose, again. The man should write a book.

didn’t see it as i was training but the old lad makes out bertie did a smashing job this evening below in kerry…he couldn’t remember who was on it as he would know fuck all bout gaa but he informed me that bollocks of a publican from ventry was on so i presume he means paudi o se…puke senior made a bold prediction this evening that give him 2 years and bertie will have his own chat show…

what price Bertie to get Kenny’s gig, seeing as Pat the plank is stalling over a new contract !

how about des o;neill SC as his first guest

hardly…charlie chawke or jerry adams i would say…something light hearted…

grainne carruth