That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith

The main character in this has the same name as my eye surgeon.

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"The canteen, where meals are heavily subsidised by taxpayers,"

I’m no fan of RTÉ but that just comes across as a really shitty, redundant addendum.

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Fair fucks to her. Doubling down and telling everyone to fuck off…

That’ll ruin @gilgamboa weekend even with a feast of rubby to savour

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I had to sit through a fair portion of dancing with the stars last night(don’t ask) but Jesus Christ this is bottom of the barrel stuff even by rte standards.

I done some laughing when I saw shane Byrne on it. He lad to leave a pub in Limerick after I wrecked his head so much ten years ago or so. I haven’t seen him Since.

Anyway it just looked like a whole host of Rte employees on the show and a few other people who made their name on other Rte reality tv shows. Truly awful stuff.

Bernand brogans brother is on it. Is he famous for anything other than being a brother to two very good footballers?


What did you say to him?

I can’t recall it was my friends 18th. He played rugby with my friends dad.

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I think he was being a Menace 2 Society.

That one of the Garrihys is some dose


She’d had some amount of plastic surgery

She gets an awful doing on Tattle.


Really. I never knew that. Where did this nugget of information spring from?


She’s paid daycent money for a shell of a gaff. Back in the parents until she gets enough insta sponsors to do it up

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Why is this headline news on RTE?

The woke blue haired tranny in the news department decided it should be


Why did they mention that he was black and no mention of the skin colour of the cops? That’s very odd.


Look at the state of this lad

Finbar Furey crossed with Blackie Connors.