The 2 Johnnies Appreciation Thread

The lads are killing it here on the Late Late. :clap::clap:

A star making turn

Two great lads

Absolutely smashing it out of the park. They could be anything.

Those suits are unrale.

They might be the new rubberbandits

At least one of them is funny I suppose

The Tipperary Star are also running one of those all time greats competition. In line i thought I’d never read it states “Executed 1916 Leader Thomas McDonagh was lucky to stave off the challenge of comedy duo The 2 Johnnies”


Those fucking votes are starting to really grind my gears. Utter cunt of a newspaper group.


How the the Laois one pan out? Did Woolly make any impression?

Darina Allen won it unopposed

I think Paddy O Sullivan won it

Who the fuck is he?

Port midfielder.

Oh wait, he won Laois Today’s hottest man in laois.

Well done Paddy. Port will give the senior a right go in the year or two.

Una is looking honrale


She’s always unrale.