The 32nd Dáil Eireann


Now the election is all over, and we’re all pushing up clover, its time to open a thread, for the 32nd Dáil Eireann, whatever its make up will be.

As it stands

Fine Gael are assembling, and ready to party. Enda not as isolated in the photo as you’d have suspected but there’s one or two giving him a bit of a wide berth all the same


You can’t even get them to take a photo properly.


Is that Simon Coveney cosying up to our Kate a row or two back? :angry:


Where are you going with the 49seats for FG? They have 50

Edit I see what you did now. The Ceann Comhairle is counted separately.


A motley looking crew, wasters to a man/woman. It’s memories of those not there that make me happiest, the likes of Bonkers Bannon, Shatter the knave and that fat useless fucker James Reilly.
There’s an agri-look about a few of them though, you’d expect the bar and restaurant sections to thrive and prosper especially with the imminent arrival of DHR (probably via a JCB or other “yerra” stunt).


Regarding DHR I’d say an ass and cart with DHR in the cart and MHR pulling it


Very baggy, ill-fitting suit being sported by Kevin “Boxer” Moran on Six One News there as the Independent Alliance members did their purposeful walk to camera after the meeting with Fine Gael earlier.


Michael Noonan interviewed on Six One News while sporting a massive scab all along the top of his lip.


I thought you were working out Bandage?


I am, mate. I have my exercise mat on the living room floor with the news on.


The Boxer is a cousin of the Westmeath Wizard off our darts team over here.
‘Straight as an arrow’ he assured me, while laughing like a fuckin drain.


Has he got AIDS?


Don’t think he’s in the best of health to be honest. Word on the street was he didn’t wanna run for election but they needed him to (or otherwise they mightn’t have got any seat in Limerick city)


He buried his brother there recently as well


Does anyone else know about this?




RIP Minister Noonan.


The river ?


I am surprised Noonan ran again. He doesn’t look in the best of health


Ceann Comhairle nominees are as follows:
Sean O’Fearghail (FF)
Maureen O’Sullivan (IND)
Caoimhghin O’Caoilain (SF)
Bernard Durkan (FG)
Andrew Doyle (FG)

My money is on O’Sullivan. Would make Dublin Central a 2-seater next time however.

O’Fearghail is also in a three seater constituency, Kildare South.

Sinn Fein would I imagine be quite keen for Caoimghin to get this as it would ensure Kathryn Reilly’s election next time.