The 32nd Dáil Eireann


As always, I think we can agree, its the civil servants that are the issue here.




The establishment don’t like it up em. Mick is delivering blow after blow and they hate him for disturbing their cozy arrangement.

Just look at poor @myboyblue he is a broken man at what has happened to his beloved FG. I worry for him when Flanagan is taken out next.


You’re trying too hard :slight_smile:


He may be a mere novice in politics but Mick has done more good in a few years than the rest of the cunts put together.


He should be running Ryanair.


Mick as Taoiseach with Paul Keogh as Tanaiste.


An acknowledged tax dodger is the saviour of the Dail - you literally couldn’t make it up.


What’s Bertie got to do with this?


At least Bertie made a settlement to pay his taxes (owed on dodgy loans) back - will Mick Wallace ever pay all his monies back?


When Mick is finished cleaning up the mess caused by Garda corruption I’m sure he’ll find the time to handle his admin.


Not finding time to handle his admin was what led to him defrauding the Irish state for millions in the first place. Maybe he should re-evaluate how he does his business.


Blueshirts crying about tax issues.

You literally couldn’t make it up.

The party of chaos and corruption.



the pretend west brits are livid


Would you prefer that he paid his bills and not tackled Garda corruption? Some things are far greater than a monetary value. What he’s done in the last few years is worth more to the Irish state


You either think tax evasion should be criticised or not. I’m glad to hear you whole-heartedly criticise Wallace for his tax evasion as I do FG for theirs.

I would note that FG have paid back the tax, while Wallace hasn’t though.


Typical accountant. When are your colleagues seanie Fitz and drummer paying off theirs


sweep sweep


Why is it an either/or?

I think he’s done great work - particularly on the McCabe thing.

I think he does himself a disservice by the way he presents himself and would be taken far more seriously if he put in a bit of effort. Shatter would have walked the minute he had his Wallace Primeime interview if it was anyone else.

That being said, he’s no angel and hardly on a moral high ground. He knowingly defrauded the state of a substantial amount tax - just saying sorry and not paying it back doesn’t stack up in my book.


It’s a score draw on messy tax affairs so, despite your attempts at deflection.

Now where were we? Yes, Mick Wallace destroying the party of chaos and corruption for its members

  1. repeatedly telling lies in the Dáil,
  2. tacitly supporting the smear campaign against Sergeant McCabe,
  3. colluding with the Gardai in the process, and
  4. subverting the workings of the Tribunal by not disclosing all relevant documentation to it.