The 32nd Dáil Eireann


Paddy Madigan will primarily be remembered as the hooker on the Belvedere College team that lost the 1954 Leinster Senior Schools Cup Final.

Never got capped for Ireland. Like Frank O’Driscoll, the closest he game was the tour to Argentina in 1970, but caps weren’t awarded.

Was manager of the Ireland team on the 1981 tour of South Africa.


A racist?


Related to Ian as well I believe. A strong Belvo link in that family before this generation.


That’s a different Paddy Madigan lads. That’s the dangers of googling. That Irish Times article ye found has led ye astray.


AK47 just took aim. Fatal wound possibly??


Only caught the very end of it. What’s going down?


Only caught end of it myself but sounds like Alan has something juicy on him.

Anyone catch the full jist of his interview with Miriam?


I was mesmerized by Miriams legs, however I did manage to gather that a section 42 letter was sent to the minister of justice 2 days ago ( only second time in history of the state) outlining serious issues about a committee that was set up in the guards to deal with information and handling contributors to the tribunal from the guards. Charlie Flanagan was asked about the letter today by Daly and Wallace. He knew fuck all about it. He’ll be gone by tea time tomorrow according to Kelly ( not really but that’s what he wanted to say)


That Paddy is related to Ian though is he not?


Letter sent to Justice Minister of concerns about Garda tribunal office


Yes. But not related to Josepha which is the point of this conversation


Aye I get that thanks to you, thanks for your time.


No problem, pal. Any time.


AK is making hay these days. Has a serious mole in the dept


Hon Simon, lash it off the belly.


Should have been Taoiseach.


its dawning on the brits that they are our bitch now


It was a no brainer. The foot soldiers in FG knew the score, but Leo had it sewn up in the Parliamentary Party by then.


It’s only taken us 800 years but I knew we’d get there eventually.Arlene is fuckin seething.


He’s a lickspittle West Brit.