The Accents Thread

Post up any thoughts or opinions on accents here.

Isn’t it unbelievable how many different dialects exist in our own little land, from wee Donegal to Cork boy, from Limerick ked to bleedin’ Dublin…

Are you happy with your own accent?

What is your favourite/least favourite accent on a bird?

It’s the same as anywhere, natives can pick up on various regionalised accents, but to foreginers it sounds like we are all speaking the same spud munching gibberish.

That’s true. I think it’s more pronounced in Ireland though because it’s still a predominantly rural population. The Donegal accent is always a popular one. The only accent I reall dislike is the D4/G4 accent and it’s variations. Mainly because their loudness really brings their stupidity to centre stage.

Regional accents are great, and should be a a source of pride and identity… Instead they are being replaced by this bland semi american / D4 accent… RTE the west Brit broadcasters have a lot to do with this…


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Very true. Accents are to be proud of and this blurring is to be discouraged. Orr Chee Eee :guns: :guns:

I hate the Cork accent on birds. Even if they are happy, it sounds like they are whinging due to the emphasis on the last syllable.

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I suppose it’s hard to beat the soft Nordie accent on birds.
I intenesely dislike the west-brit mid atlantic upper middle class accent that seems to be safe regardless of whether it’s Dublin (D4), Cork or Limerick (monaleen/castletroy)

That’s just not true in fairness. I’ve heard a good few foreigners from Aussies to Americans to French people comment on the variation of accents in Ireland. the only place that comes close to having such a variation in such a small area, in the English speaking world at least, is England. You think an Aussie or American from 300 km away from each other would have accents as different as the Belfast and Cork ones? Not a chance.

Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. The Valley Girl accent it’s called. Californian airhead in other words. Don’t know the theory behind it spreading across the rest of the world but I would guess it’s something to do with Californian TV shows, 90210, The OC etc.

The northern accent is the way to go alright. I like the southern, home counties English accent as well.


+2. Those Armagh birds in Croke Park on a sunny summer day…yes please.

I went out with a very attractive girl from Cork a couple of years ago. Never again.

The D4 birds up in UCD deserve to be put into a bag and drowned in the UCD lake. Oh my God like.

We had this debate before i believe.

The Nordie accents are definitely the best. Donegal is fantastic. The Kerry accent isn’t bad either.

The worst would be Cork and Dublin.

THe thick midlands accent is horrible. Offaly/Laois/North Tipp

the meath/louth one is fairly brutal

where do people that do the ads on the radio get their accent? that monotone indistinguishable accent?

anyway, ya cant beat a donegal accent… the belfast accent is a different story to the rest of the north… very annoying to listen to for too long i find, particularly on birds…

outside of ireland i love a good french accent speaking english

The old middle class Dublin accent that seems to be dying out with the spread of the horrendous D4 stuff.

Fine exponents of this accent would be the likes of Cathal O’Shannon, Eamonn Morrissey and Dr Anthony Clare :pint:

Once you’ve had one of these, anything less is a big, big disappointment. I can say this without hesitation.

As Pure Mule showed, the midlands accent is by far the most come hither. A thing to behold so it is so it is.

Agree with all this. I like my own accent and that of my peers and think its an ok accent overall even if its susceptible to a bit of slagging . The snobby Galway accent is pretty annoying alright. I like the old Dub accent myself, and as Runt said, a soft Derry/Tyrone/Donegal/Armagh accent in my experience is a massive turn on.

The different accents are deferential to other english speaking people though. The Brits definitely tell the difference as do Aussies and Kiwi’s in my experience. I lived and worked with yanks and they all could tell us what area of Ireland we were from from day one, aprticulary Cork, Dublin and the North.

Yanks can tell different county accents apart . It really is silly season on TFK :lol: In fact Irish people settled for a while in the States often commented that more and more over the years its getting harder to know where any Irish person is from as the accents converge. Guess only natural with TV getting switched on in places like Leitrim and more people going to college. What sickens my shit though is women particularly who hail from the country but also Bandage who went to UCD and now have D4 accents. There was a couple in my class in college. I asked one of them what part of Dublin she was from and she said Mayo. Like OMG.

Think a posh Cork accent, Blackrock kind of is nice on a hot bird. Awful accents - east Galway, wherever Nadine Coyle is from and east Clare think Davy Fitz or Ger loughnane.

Didi 'amann.