The advanced gardening thread


Anything that needs sun will go well with lavender.
If it’s a small garden I’d seriously reconsider the photinia. I don’t know if it’s used much in Ireland but I’d look at Murraya.


@Fitzy, Virginia Creeper, yes or no. It’s to cover a plain wall in a common area, the lady on the residents association had asked me about covering the wall, will this stuff get out of control? I’ve no intention of maintaining it weekly or monthly but any of the other creeping plants seem too delicate to plant in a common area.


Be fine, every couple of months a tidy up. You’d probably need to be sober for that so please have someone else do it.


Lavender is great for the edge. Hides anything coming up or dying back behind it… tulips, lupin, dahlias here.

Changed over one side last year to alow box hedge in front, roses behind now we don’t have u8s and summer clematis on the wall (whitewashed). Works grand. Am considering what to interplay.


That sounds great. I’ll be planting a box hedge myself in a few months around the front of the house with a rose garden behind it. There will be a semi circle of box with a feature large terracotta pot (with a box ball in it) and roses around it. The pot will eventually be replaced by a water feature (always wanted to have the sound if runnung water in the garden) I have a large gable end wall with a wire structure on it on one side of the house. Jasmine growing up it now (the smell in spring is amazing) but it’s getting a but raggedy, so to complement the roses, I’m going to replace the Jasmine with a climbing rose.
A dark red one.
It’s called the Dublin Bay, appropriately.


I’d love to grow Clematis here, but far too hot. They use it a lot in Tasmania, but any further north it gets hammered.


Sober ? While gardening? Fgf sake. You really are a boring cunt.


The wasps are back, the dirty cunts. Had to kill two of them today. Mind yourselves out there.


Wasps are afraid of me, want nothing to do with me. It’s great.


Apparently they are mad for Ottoman blood.


Lucky enough to have a polytunnel, decent size so I grow the strawberries in baskets. Only fantastic they are. Would love to have space and know-how to grow more fruit but I don’t have the space at all and I’m not growing in pots.


Copper beach is what we have at home and it works a treat. Admittedly, we don’t have neighbours but it would easily screen out anything up to 7 feet or so. What about a mix of Privet? We have that in the front and one year I couldn’t cut it properly so it got a bit out of hand but when it flowered it was superb. So I cut it down and kept the part of the hedge nearest the house fairly big and I can’t wait for the flowers every year.


Picked two strawberries this morning. One of them was the size of a small apple. They were delicious. The tunnel is a great job.


Got it as a present for a big birthday and it has been fantastic. Would recommend it to anyone with even a slight interest in growing plant.


Picked the first mandarin of the year this morning, huge improvement it was delicious


I keep seeing this as an advanced gambling thread and getting really excited.


You really have a problem mate haven’t you?
You’re currently in an RSL playing the pokies aren’t you?


@labane1917 @Fitzy



Looks great. In case you don’t know, don’t water them from overhead or you will get mildue. Soak them at ground level. What am I saying sure they get rained on every day, ignore this post.