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This lad got a belt of the aughinish alumina magic dust


That’s why they are so red. It’s all bauxite.


What exactly is that?


Bauxite is the ore alumina is extracted from. The red residue is actually iron oxide leftovers from the process, also known as red mud.


Is that a bad thing? Thanks for the basic terminology, I did try to google it


So there’s two hidden jokes here, @Ambrose_McNulty was referring to the fact bauxite and its leftovers has radioactive metals like uranium, and my comment is related to the likelihood of naturally ripened strawberries in whest Limerick.


Clearly I have a lot to learn about radioactivity, slagging Limerick about its climate, and strawberries…thanks for the heads-up


Jesus don’t get started on this one.


You could spend a lifetime and still be only scratching the surface… and that’s just the assorted personas of @Robert_Emmet.


Most of the plants are in grow bags on a suspended shelf in the tunnel so it’s not really an issue, any that are in containers I’ve put straw around them to keep them off the soil.


My patio damson tree is fruiting for the first time this year. Giddy.


There seems to be some class of a plum tree running riot in my parents orchard. There are new trees popping up all over the place. I wasn’t actually sure what they were when the first ones appeared a few years ago but left them off to see if they would produce anything (which they didn’t). This year a few of them do seem to be bearing fruit, would there be any chance there’s some sort of male/female thing going on? Where only one will bear fruit but needs the presence of the male? If not I’ll just mark the ones that bore fruit this year and cut out the rest.


No blossom at all on my plum tree this year, may be no fruit on it at all in August. Was it because of the cold spring?


I find our plum trees very hit and miss, some years you’d have a great harvest and other years nothing. Looks to be a decent crop coming on the established trees this year.


You’re just plum out of luck


My damson didn’t flower at all last year. It flowered as soon as it could this year. I’d say the snow scared the shite out of it and it decided it better procreate before the cold killed it.


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Sorry. I didn’t realise it was an attempt at humour.