The advanced gardening thread




Is that a large chicken coop in the background?


I’ll be losing the big patch, but the 4 raised beds at the back will stay with the compost heaps. I’ll probably put a low hedge around it. Still have to figure out how I’ll landscape it all but I’ll wait until the pools finished to do that. We’ll have a wooden deck from the back door (where the photo was taken)) overlooking the pool as well.


No, unused house belonging to neighbors. Unused I say lightly, I think they store the bodies of backpackers there.


No, it’s the mobile home he lives in. He’s parked beside the graveyard you dozy gimp.


You could rent your new multi level graveyard to them. Long term income.


It’s started growing :clap:
Its only a fraction of the size of its planting companion but it has come on a lot this week.

Just picked up the last of my tomato plants this morning and going to throw in some lettuce and spinach as well. I’ve cucumber plants which I grew from seed nearly ready to be planted too.


Awesome stuff. You should have a look for 5 colour chard seeds, the best crop you can grow in a home garden


Late spring garden, has been relatively cool so the asian greens, spinach and kale have done well. Can’t wait to dig the spuds.


That’s a daycent oul spread now that is.


First strawberries of the year should be ripe for picking at the weekend :clap:


I believe, as is the tradition, the Dubs are on their way to Wexford this weekend to do so.




Hi guys, I’m starting on a smallish garden and would love some advice as I’m a novice. I’m thinking photinia red robin as a hedge to block out the neighbours over the back wall. Then I really just have one side of the perimeter to play with. I want something relatively low maintenance and possibly perennial. I like the lavenders and fuschias of this world but understand they won’t coexist. Any thoughts?


I don’t know myself about a flowering shrub in a hedge. If you want to block off the neighbours, build a wall. You can work away on your side then with whatever you want.

Putting a flower bed in front of a hedge is a disaster as far as trying to maintain a hedge is concerned. I know, I have one.


Clarkey, Photinia is a very aggressive, fast growing plant that gets very high and can be a real bully. You’re going to need to trim it properly at least twice a year. If the garden is small, I’d consider something else, maybe a row of conifers? Talk to your local garden nursery, ir have a walk around the neighborhood and see whats been successful in other gardens. Photinia needs a lot of sun as well.
Lavender shouldn’t be a problem, can get very woody and leggy if not maintained, I tip prune mine into balls, but I can have it in the garden year round, I’d suggest pots for you.
Fushcia’s - pots or hanging baskets.


Sounds like the Italian that had you shivering in your underpants…


Perimeter? Flash bastard.


Interesting Fitzy. My folks recommended Photinia. Is there anything that coexists with lavender? I want to put it in a flower bed rather than pot it. Happy to pot the fuschia.


There is a wall there already that can’t be built up further. The flower bed will be at a right angle to the hedge rather than in front of it.