The advanced gardening thread


How would you. What with your skull being empty…


I made a fuck of my beetroot. I assumed each module in tray contained a single beetroot when I was planting them a few weeks back. I was wondering why there was no sign of a root forming and when I looked closer this evening I realised there was 5/6 plants per clump. I thined it out as best I could but it should have been done ages ago. I’ll be lucky to get 2 or 3 decent beetroot out of it. You live and you learn.


This is the advanced gardening thread mate. Not amature hour.


Plant the modules out anyway, they’ll grow into each other


Ah ffs. Schoolboy stuff




@TreatyStones needs to fuck off to the Junior B gardening thread


It was a reasonable question, all you fucking experts throw up photos if your brilliant beetroots there. This thread us meant to be a help to one another, a celebration of the way of life of the gardener. Not your typical TFK thread, lets keave the nastiness aside chaps.


It wasn’t a reasonable question, but you’re right, no need for the bile from the Cork and Clare cunts.


They didnt seem to be growing into each other, they weren’t developing at all. I’ve thined them out now as best I could and we’ll see how it goes.

On the plus side I’ve harvested courgettes, strawberries, rocket, lettuce and radishes this week.


I’m watchimg Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens here and thoroughly enjoying it. I’d hugely recommend it to anyone interested in garden design.


Brilliant mate. Just stick the beetroot seedlings in the ground and see how they go.
You have to realise gardening is not a hard and fast process. What goes well for me may not work for you. One of my neighbours is a noted expert on native Australian plants, but cant grow a eucalypt from seed to save his life. I’ve grown loads of them
But I’ve been trying for years to grow Waratahs from seed and can’t. He pulls the piss out of me and leaves Waratah seedlings on my doorstep.
Somethings work, some things don’t. That’s half the enjoyment of it. Some of you need to relax.
While I’m on it, some of you need to stop getting upset about weeds as well.


Thanks Fitzy, I was close to packing it all in after the abuse I received on here, but your kind words have given the motivation to drive on and continue to learn.


Try his “Around The World In 80 Gardens” if you can find it.


Have done, loved it. I was watching his French Gardens thing as well. I’m very excited to be visiting Dan Kiely’s garden in La Defense in Paris when we’re on our European sojourn in September.
Kiely is the master to me. It’s a lifelong ambition of mine to visit his garden at the Miller House on Indiana which from what I’ve seen is perfection.


You’re a great guy. Don’t let these bastards get you down.


Courgette plants are productive feckers. Getting around 10 a week between the two plants. Tomatoes just starting to appear now and the cucumbers are starting to form. The beetroot are probably ready to start picking now too.


Any kind of squash goes mad when the weather is hot. I’ve had zucchini go from 6 inches long to two feet in less than a week, although that’s at >40C. Slice them, coat them in olive oil and garlic and fire them on the grill, delicious.


The Liz Howard effect
cc @Brimmer_Bradley


I also have 2 cabbages growing in an unused section of the tunnel. I didn’t plant them so they must have grown from seeds from a previous crop.

On the downside after my weeks holidays I came home to discover the few potatoes I’d planted had blight.