The advanced gardening thread


Just took em up today mate. They turned out ok


Have an epic yield of chilis from three potted plants. Dried a good few of them yesterday and ground them for my own home made chilli powder. It’s explosively hot


Note for next year, only set one Courgette and one cucumber plant. I’m over run with the fuckers.


The raspberries fruited early. There won’t be the yield there was in other years but the flavour is extraordinary. The olive trees are flowering which never happened before


My Loganberries are just ripening now, haven’t tasted one yet.


How are you faring out with the hosepipe ban?


My broccoli is after bolting.



Once they start, there’s no stopping them.


I’ve taken to making courgette and cucumber pickles


Could you play hide and seek in there?


You can cook the courgette flowers, that will slow down the cunts.


I’ve seen that done but haven’t tried it, do you dip them in a batter and quickly deep fry them?


yes, you can stuff them and deep fry them. Ricotta cheese and herbs is lovely. A bit of a pain in the arse though, you could throw them into a salad or pan fry them also.


The berries are fucked from the lack of rain. Gooseberries and black currants all shriveled up. Seems to be a decent crop of plums.

Had my first tomatoe from the tunnel yesterday, a small cherry one, unreal.

Fodder Crisis

Long term it’ll do the yield a power of good - the bushes will fruit like fuck for a few years to ensure their legacy.



The state of that wall. They spared the mortar.


You’ve lovely plums


Whitewash the wall


Paint it green and white.