The advanced gardening thread


Bees are under severe threat. Us advanced gardeners rely on them and we can do a lot to help them. Stop using pesticides, grow flowers. I always let vegetables grow to flower and seed (they love brassica flowers).


The hurl as garden art


Great to see you are still alive, mate … I thought most of Oz had been erased from the earth during the recent tepid spell you had.


I scored one of those tumbler compost bins today a neighbour who’s moving was throwing out, practically brand new, gift. And a lemon tree in a nice pot. It absolutely astonishes me what people throw out.
3 tonne of soil arriving in the morning for the landscaping around the pool.


Surprise, surprise; the Wexford lad has a broken hurley…


It hasn’t been fun mate
January was the hottest month on record in Aus. The humidity is horrible and quite hard to sleep when it’s +30 degrees in the middle of the night, even with the fans in the bedroom.


Which he got from a Clare lad who broke it, surprise, surprise.


If the cap fits…


What are you talking about you stupid, fat cunt.


Do you not have air con?


In half the house, not in the bedrooms. I don’t like using the air con at night as we have a solar array and I’d prefer to power it ourselves rather than iff the grid.
It’s actually raining here now and the transformer on the street just blew up so no power. We’ll be looking ata battery for the house soon.


You mug.


Amateur hour.


Sorry, read the edit. Air con is fucking expensive.


You can’t put a price on not boiling to death


That’s a good thing really … those bastard aircons use up serious power. - Especially when 30 million of them are on the go at the same time

Two paracetamol before bed reduces body temp. Job is oxo


Liver is gravy…


You hurt my feelings there. I’m not one bit stupid. :sob:

I hope your zucchini plants fail.


Fitzy is very environmentally concious. Won’t stop him growing grass in a desert or building a swimming pool. But still.