The advanced gardening thread


I’m sure @Tassotti could recommend one for @Julio_Geordio.

Signing in anyway, though sadly I will be limited to pots.


You can grow loads of things in pots pal.


I know Fagan. I’m looking forward to getting started.


I’ve some lovely Japanese Knotweed growing out the back here mate I can send you up a few slips if you’d like


That would involve you getting up off your arse and cutting a slip and organising for it to be sent up. I won’t hold my breath.


I’m going to be doing some serious gardening over the next 18 months.
Super garden wouldn’t get a look in.


Giving up the football so?


He gave it up years ago


Will you invest in a Dutch hoe


You could do serious damage with a Dutch hoe and a Limerick rake


Not a chance.
I’ll be dropping a roundup bomb on it.


It’s illegal to grow that.


What are you planning on doing?


Spraying a shitload of Roundup first anyway, like you advised.


Blank canvas at the moment.

What to create a decent sized back garden first, will have a couple of raised beds, herb garden / rockery, BBQ and have it all fenced in to keep the children in.

Will resurrect my spud drills and bigger raised bed further back then.


I did this recently. Game changer.

If I could make a suggestion. When you are fencing it in build a wheelie bin box into it with a top cover. Hides them and stops them blowing away. Hate seeing the things around the house


My plan is to put down a concrete base for the oil tank and make it big enough to accomodate the wheelie bins and then fence all that off.


Yeah I blocked off oil tank as well. Fine job. Wasn’t particularly cheap mind you


You need a fake oil tank, filled with sulfuric acid and the real one concealed from view. Don’t tell the kids either or they’d blab to their traveller friends at school.


Get the attic converted to a grow house for weed and you’ll pay off a Dublin 8 mortgage in no time.