The advanced gardening thread


What would the turn around time be on such a project?


A few months for the first crop… I believe.


Just make sure to scale back production over the winter months.


So @labane1917 , I planted some Jerusalem Artichokes and will be planting some artichokes as well in the coming weeks. At what point do I harvest them (it’s midwinter here, or what we laughingly refer to as winter) and any decent recipes for the end product?

I’m well into landscaping the front garden. I’ve calculated I’ll need 100 Box Hedge plants for this. Which would set me back about $1000. So I’ve started propagating English and Japanese box hedges from cuttings with some success. By spring I should have about 60 plants in pots with the rest to follow. Once I plant them, about 3-4 years to establish as a decent sized hedge. I’ve got a right nursery going now between the box plants and a series of native Australian plants and trees I’m growing from seed. I’ll have seed trays for all the spring / summer vegetables on the go soon also.


Mate, throw up a picture of your Jacaranda when you get a chance.


I actually don’t have a Jacaranda mate. But they’re all around me, the “borrowed landscape” to use a landscapers term.


I don’t grow either version of artichoke, mostly because of space requirements but also climate is a bit too hot and they have a long growing season. Jerusalem grow to a massive size like a sunflower, but they are delicious, you can cook them any way you would cook a potato and they are arguably better tasting. My winter vegetables are mainly greens of all varieties, beets, onions and spuds. Globe artichokes attract aphids and all kinds of insects so I avoid them as well and not a big fan of them anyway.

Box hedge is excellent for hot climates, I have a good bit of it and it survived our 4 year draught better than anything else I have.


2 lb beet. Had to bake it for an hour and a half to soften it. A nice beet salad is hard to beat.


That’s a beetroot alright. I’ve found growing them from seedlings in a tray and then planting out much better than sowing seeds directly.
Have you ever tried the yellow or red and white ringed beets? Lovely when small.


I grow a lot of them, they do grand here from seed and handle the heat well, as long as you give them lots of water. They are superb value, young leaves for salads, cook the stems when older and the beetroot itself. One of my favorite vegetables along with kale which is very heat tolerant as well.

We are mid summer here and I have squash, eggplants and peppers in abundance.


What spuds do you grow? I haven’t done spuds in years but want to now for the new potatoes - what variety is best for this?


It’s been silly hot here for the past month (90-100F during the day and not much cooling at night) so tomatoes are suffering. I had a good early crop in June but not much since, flowers wilting and dropping off. I have had great luck with potatoes for the past few years, sow them in late January and harvest in May. I just do yukon gold, a plain white potato, and a variety mix that has peruvian purple, which is my new favorite potato, delicious flavor. Loads of onions as well, sets and from seed. I have a few melon and cucumber plants going which are invading the whole garden. Great old hobby, once you get the timing down it’s easy enough.


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A lot of grilled squash to eat this weekend.


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Picked a bowl of raspberries there this evening. They might be tayberries actually. Great bush that I got in Lidl years ago that I planted and forgot about for a couple of years and it fruits abundantly. Made the first jam of the year. Three lovely little pots of raspberry (tayberry) jam. Had to make scones then naturally.

I bagged 3.5 kg of rhubarb while I was at it and froze it for the winter.

The cabbages are coming on lovely now and appear to have won the battle with the slugs though they were a worthy adversary.

I bought a hoe in Lidl and attacked the weeds cc @Fitzy. It was very satisfying.