The advanced gardening thread


Up yer bollocks @fisty


Ah jaysus they’re savage.


They are Katys, a lovely lovely ating apple. They are only a few weeks away now I’d say but I’ll have to keep an eye on them as the bastard crows are at them.


Well done STD boy, here’s a medal


Good stuff Fagan, I’m glad you got satisfaction out of the hoe.

How did you go with the tomatoes after?


@Fitzy. My tomatoes are a disaster this year, all foliage and no fruit. Thought I did everything right, switched fertilizer to high K and P and less N, deep watering. It’s truly frustrating as I have great peppers, squash and eggplant. Maybe I’ve been growing tomatoes too long in the same general area.


Do you rotate them around the beds? I wouldn’t plant tomatoes in the same place for at least three years. Cutting out the Nitrogen was a good idea, but tomatoes don’t like much fertilizer anyway. How big did the plants get? Maybe you have too much foliage and that’s where the energy is going. Prune them back a bit and open them up (get rid of all the laterals and I always prune off the bottom 2 feet of branches to let the air flow).
I had a fucking disaster with them last year, they got attacked by something and the plants themselves all died before flowering. I have two beds now cleared for them, some compost thrown in with some blood and bone, but they’ll lie vacant like that until about the start of October when I put the seedlings in.


Blood and bone? I thought you said something else there and was imagining you in a white hood.

Growth has been good, maybe 4 ft or so. Lots of flowers but then no fruit sets. Maybe an Indian summer might rouse them, we have at least a month and maybe two months of heat left. On a sidenote, I have spectacular cucumber and melons close to ripeness and herbs have been incredible this year. Swings and roundabouts.


Strange that you have some plants cropping, but not the tomatoes. Maybe ease off on the water, treat them mean sometimes and they set fruit.


I had 3 tomato plants. Two were the victims of their own success as they keeled over under their own weight. My fault as through my inexperience I failed to support them enough. The third plant is thriving and giving up lovely Sungold cherry tomatoes


Tomatoes sound like needy cunts


First batch of hot sauce of the season. A mix of mild (Fresno and Anaheim) hot (jalapeños and serranos) and lethal (Indonesian ghost peppers). Wear gloves they said and I foolishly ignored them. My fucking hands are on fire here.


What else did you put in? I made a batch of harissa last week with my chilis. Lovely stuff.


Would you recommend any particular Mexican cookbooks?


A simple recipe, sliced peppers with seeds, a cup of white vinegar. Half tsp salt and 6 garlic cloves. Low boil for 10 minutes and blend.


Sorry, I don’t like Mexican food.




Rick Stein has a new one out.


No, just don’t like how they cook. I’m well familiar with their food, and make a mean burrito.


I got a three of his previous books in a bundle on Amazon a few years back, they are pretty decent.