The advanced gardening thread


I’ve picked up Thomasina Mears books from the library over the years and find them really good


And there was I thinking that you were a natural cook…


Vegetable garden pn Saturday BT (before tomato)


Tomato seedlings


Vegetable garden with 32 tomato plants.


Smashing work mate. I am currently harvesting my last batch of roma tomatoes.


Great stiff. I have Rouge De Marmande, San Marzano and Cherry tomatoes planted.


@Fitzy I believe you live in Australia, but I don’t understand. If your planting out tomatoes now for your summer, why is the peach tree in full fruit? If it is a peach tree…


It’s a peach tree alright. Blossoms in mid winter and fruits late spring.


The whole place is like a halting site. Did you have no builders line the day you laid out the raised beds ?
Or did you go for the crazy paving look.


How do you deal with the weeds in the raised beds @Fitzy


He doesn’t. Can’t you see that.




What’s a simpleton like you doing in an advanced topic thread?


I employ a Dutch Hoe Fagan



Fellow called to my door there. I’m such and such. I was a greenkeeper at such and such golf club. I see your lawn is full of moss. I’ll do this that and the other and you’ll have all grass and no moss. I says to him what the fuck would I want to do that for. Have you seen how fast grass grows. Moss is much easier to keep.


So you sent him on his way with his tae in his mug?


Harvested today


superb looking mate