The advanced gardening thread


Rather than spending close to a grand on box hedging that I’m putting into the front garden in the spring, I’ve spent the last year propogating cuttings and now have about a hundred English and Japanese box plants. Its very easy to do, the one thing you need to put into it is time.



I bought a few courgette and tomato plants to stick in the tunnel today. I’ve strawberries in there for the past few weeks. I threw a few spuds into an old bath and various containers I had around the place and various pots of other herbs and salad items.

My outside is still a mess since the building works so not going to the effort of preparing beds just yet. They are more for my daughter to look after. It’ll be a miracle if anything survives as she drowns them with water every evening.


Fair play to you, pick the courgettes nice and young, nothing nicer than going out to the garden early in the morning, picking a few, frying them up with some bacon and scrambled eggs. You should look at some 5 colour chard as well (silverbeet) its the crop that keeps giving.
I planted all my winter vegetables in the last two weeks. Really looking forward to the kale.


Thats brilliant though. I love the fact that Fitzy jnr despite being 15 and taking everything I do and say with extreme cynicism, gets excited about food growing in his back yard. He takes some if ut into school for his Food Tech classes and feels very superior.


How are the building works going?
We’re renovating the bathroom, going on 4 weeks, another week at least to go, Mrs Fitzy not coping, threatening the leave us, I’m showering at work.
We finish this and then a man is going to knock down our fence and start digging a large hole for a pool.


Building works are finished nearly 9 months, all went well.
It’s a whole other project to get the front and the back sorted.

I’m just trying to level off the back at the moment so I can keep it someway manageable over the summer.
Aim is to have patio etc in place for next summer.


@Fitzy I planted out two courgette plants in a tunnel about 3/4 weeks ago. One of them has thrived and has already to started to form buds. The other however doesn’t seem to have grown at all since being planted. Do I just cut my losses, dig it up and put something else in the space?


Have a heart. How would you feel if your parents said that about you?


Very good. If it was in a more interesting thread you’d be guaranteed the nice post.


Meh, it’s been done to death.


:joy: A like from Fitzy is about the best I could hope for there.


Piss on it.


Keep hoping.
@TreatyStones does the plant look dodgy? If it’s much smaller than the other and leaves dropping etc I’d take it out and plant something else.


Ya it’s hasnt really grown at all and just never looked as healthy as the other plant, even within a couple of days of planting. The fuckers need a lot of space too so I think I’ll just get rid.


My back garden at the moment


Are you planning a mass burial?


Plans borrowed from @myboyblue


Fine depth to it. What is it, 2m in the deep end?


There goes the vegetable patch…