The advanced gardening thread

I have mugged myself rightly.

Left a bird feeder on a branch over a border. I now have a magnificent set of seedlings and plants of goodness knows what

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I’d say leave it grow and see what happens

That’s how they discovered pot in the 60s.

Ah, weed!


Serious day cutting, digging, planting, shoveling… I started after 3 bottles of Erdinger and a G&T.

I’m fucked now.


I’m at it the whole weekend. Clearing out raised beds etc. Sowed broccoli and marrow this morning. Both serious crops if they get up out of the ground at all. And the slugs don’t like either.


Give them plenty of water in this weather.

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What are the busiest and quietest days in Bloom?
Are you travelling this year @Fagan_ODowd?

Going on Monday @habanerocat. That’s the most chilled day I think.

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I’m just heading away now. The usual fare as they say. Very busy.

There was a stall that sells wind chimes. Novelty stuff I hadn’t seen before. So busy I couldn’t get near it. Noted the name to search after but of course I forget now. If you see it will you post up the website. A search is giving me nothing and I’m not walking back up there now.

Very few places to sit when it’s busy and as Homer Simpson’s father used say. If I sit on the ground I mightn’t get back up. Bring your own chair.

Hopefully a bit quieter tomorrow. Where were the wind chimes (inside or outside)?

Outside, up near the walled garden I’d say. Over towards the show gardens.

There was one show garden with a huge queue to get into. It was kind of screened off. With winding lines of people in and out. I didn’t bother but might be worth a look. Different approach but why screen it off?

It was roasting inside the main hall. Birdwatch Ireland were in there this year. Little else. The usual five or so Eircom Phonewatch stalls.

The BBQ area looked good but I wouldn’t bother with that kind of food in the heat. I saw they were selling wine but didn’t see any beer.

What would go down well would be a water stop like they have in the airport. You’d clean up on a day like today. Couldn’t see anywhere to get a quick bottle of water.

Just invaded by Corkonians here in Thurles.

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I went up with the intention of buying some wild flower seeds, but couldn’t find any.
Anybody with a good economical source?

Manor stone garden centre

Not a whole pile on their website.
Throw up an auld photo if you can at all?
Did you ask about prices?

Jnr checking on progress today.


This is the absolute bidness


The graipe/4 prong fork has proven itself as handy as a small saucepan since it’s introduction to the garden @anon67715551 @FatChops. Made light work of a patch of clay this evening that I am going to sow some carrots in and also for gathering and picking up clippings etc.


The pride of the shed.

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The noblest of implements. I pruned a ceanothus bush yesterday and with 4 scoops of the trusty graipe had all the clippings gathered in 2 minutes flat. A Rolls Royce of a weapon.