The All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships 2018


Because he’s not a monster server. We’re going full circle again. Why are you ignoring what is staring you straight in the face?


6ft 6 Alex Zverev has his best Grand Slam record at the French Open. It’s the only Grand Slam quarter final he’s made.

Your criteria for Karlovic excelling on grass is that he made his only Grand Slam quarter final at the Championship.

Double standards on your part that you don’t credit Zverev with excelling on clay.

Zverev has won two Masters series events on clay in Rome and Madrid as well.


Querrey a 6ft5 monster server whose best career performance at a slam is a SF at Wimbledon.

The body of evidence widens.


Compared to not getting to a QF on other surfaces? Yes.


Monfils has served 15 aces and Querrey has served 17.


This is great stuff from Monfils. Hammering Querrey’s monster serve back at him. Makes ya think that having a big serve on grass is going to get you the win.


It will help you a lot. Its helped an average player like Querrey a lot in his career best at Wimbledon.


Could 6ft 4 Monfils with his best Grand Slam record in the Land of Giraffes of the French Open (semi finalist and three more quarter final appearances) be about to make the Round of 16 at the Championship for the first time?


You have to laugh Querrey is now average but Karlovic is a world beater. Talk about moving goal posts.

Another giraffe/dinosaur big server now gone and the hands of the 6ft4in midget gael monfils.


Huh. They’re both one dimensional dinosaurs who prosper at Wimbledon. I both think they are really limited one dimensional players who excel on grass as it suits one dimensional monster servers. How many time does this have to be relayed to you supported by a huge body of evidence?


Monfils one dimensional. Are you smoking ctsck or something?


Monfils despite his mercurial talents has never excelled at the Championship. He had never made it past the 3rd Round of the Championship before today. @Cicero_Dandi getting caught out now pedalling lies and untruths every other post.


Monfils is not a one dimensional player.


@tazdedub has already pulled you up for calling
Monfils one dimensional.


You’re telling more lies. You’re lying about Karlovic, lying about Anderson, lying about Monfils. You’re allergic to the truth, to reality.


Lying about Anderson? I pointed out to you yesterday that he had a better Grand Slam record in the Land of the Giraffes at the French Open than he had at the Championship.

Lying about Monfils? I pointed out that he had never made the fourth round of the Championship before today.

Lying about Karlovic? I corrected the untruths that you were pedaling about him excelling on grass by presenting the actual facts of just one quarter final from 14 appearances at the Championship and 10 exits in the 1st or 2nd round.

Real facts are very problematic for you as they don’t fit with your narrative and expose the lies and untruths that you are trying to pedal to the forum.


You’re lying about everything, lying about facts, lying in the face of reality.

It’s just absolute nonsense you are coming up with, lies, misinformation, spurious rationale and uninformed opinions.

Why can’t you accept reality for what is?


Stage 9 rattled


I’d say you’re stage 10. I’ve fairly destroyed your myths about Wimbledon.


Nothing left to say so you are into thus rattling shite.