The All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships 2018


You made the fatal mistake of writing a giraffe off on grass. Never ever write a big serving giraffe off on grass court tennis.


He’s excelling at Wimbledon.


He’s absolutely stone useless. About as mobile as Giroud


Geoff forgot that one solitary weapon can get you very far on grass court tennis. Sure Pete Sampras won 7 Wimbledons and all he really had was a big serve.


Reading up on the rules there and I noticed all the names ie love and the point scoring system of 15,30,40 etc originate from French.


The Great Man holds for 11-10 in the 5th. On court now for over 4 hours. Even if he does prevail here, this is the death knell for prospects of a 9th Championship.


What drugs is this lad on.


Only so many bananas and water you can drink


Come onnn


4 hours the peds are gone now.


Peds out. @Cicero_Dandi I hate repeating myself but you’ve been vindicated again.


Anderson takes it 13-11 in the 5th. Well done Kevin Anderson. Time to retire at 37 Roger.


@Cicero_Dandi calls it spot on again

A big serving giraffe knocks out Ped


Well done @Cicero_Dandi


Ffs ped takes a break for the French open 2 months out from Wimbledon. I wonder what he is at during this break :rofl:


Delighted. this is worse than watching Armstrong.




Landis 2.0 Kevin Anderson




Is Ped a busted flush?