The Angelus

Right I took all of your advice and continued listening to RTE Radio 1 when I’m doing the washing up. Marion Finucane isn’t so bad I suppose, she lets people talk, which is a nice trait in an interviewer, so many like the sound of the own voices. She just did a very good interview with the Walsh family, who sound like awfully good sorts (well done Katie, outstanding week for her, oh how I miss Cheltenham).

But seriously though. Its 2010.

2010 in secular Ireland, shorn of its fundamentalist Catholicism through the exposure of the evil of this most mendacious of religions. And yet…

At 12pm the Angelus comes on.

Surely the time to have ended this practice was 20 years ago. Is it still on the telly? I think I’d prefer a minute of Harvey Norman ads to a minute of the Angelus, thats how strongly I feel about it.

No doubt you’re patting yourself on the back and indulging in an orgy of self-congratulation about how cosmopolitan, neo-liberal and trendy you think you sound.

The Angelus means so much to so many Irish people. If you don’t like it, tough. You live 11,000 miles away.

The loss of moral compass and the decline in religion is a major contributory factor to the ruinous decadent state this country has degenerated into.


Yeah it’s still on alright. You’d imagine it’s down to RTE management to sort it out.

The way things are going there might be enough political capital in it eventually for some politician to make an issue of it. Regardless of how stupid it is most people don’t give a fuck about it though. The majority just use it to check what episode of the simpsons channel 4 are showing. As well as that it’s become increasingly funny over the years since they’ve introduced these montages.

actually manuel, i think if you look closer at things it’s the lack of a moral compass in the religions that has been a major contributory factor to the decline & decadent state of this country

i think all rte has to do is to re-brand it as a minute of reflection with no religious overtones whatsoever

Maybe put up a montage of commercial property or apartment blocks and we can all pray to the new god;)

For anyone who supports religion in any way to talk about morals is more than laughable. Get ta fuck ya mad cunts, there ain’t no God, there ain’t no heaven and their ain’t no Catholic Ireland anymore.

We live in a secular state. RTE is funded by public money. Not all tax payers are catholic and of those who are nominally a large number really couldn’t give a rat’s arse about religion never mind the Angelus. I’m with Fitzy, it has no place on Irish radio or television, in the same way any similar religious broadcast has no place on a state funded broadcaster in any secular society. Set up GOD Channel Ireland if you’re so worried about the moral compass. I’m sure everyone can’t wait to see Sean Brady’s new chat show, “Silence is Golden”…

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? I’d imagine most Irish politicians would run a mile at the sight of an impending parish priest these days. What are church attendances like? Whats the intake like at seminaries?

Either the Catholic church pay the going rate for a minutes airtime (well 2 actually per day on both TV and radio), or RTE do the right thing and get rid of it.Its plain silly to have it on in a country that is moving every day to a more secular and multi cultural state.

It has nothing to do with Irishness or our sense of cultural identity, its a throwback to a time when a religious organisation has some (large) say in how people lived their lives. That time doesn’t exist anymore, and that religious organisation has been discredited beyond belief. It has no moral compass, it only has land, which they’ll need to sell lots of to survive.

I feel sorry for those priests, nuns and loyal Catholic parishioners who only ever did good and positive things, they’ve been as much betrayed by their religion as anyone. But their faith will be stronger than any earthly problems. They don’t need a minute of boing boing twice a day to set their moral compass.

The two fellas complaining about Irish media contents are the lads living abroad. May the Lord God our almighty protector and saviour have mercy on your godless souls.

Kev did we not agree that you would preface any declarations like this with an “in my opinion”? People are free to believe what they want to believe.

You can be King and it all depends on the view and what you can see
And around here nobody tells me what to do anymore

Hasn’t the Angelus already been re-branded as a pause for reflection rather than a Catholic thing? Doesn’t the montage now have blacks and all sorts depicted? I like it anyway. I don’t like change. And it’s not the Angelus that went around buggering children, so lay off it. Also, my nana likes it, and if she’s happy I’m happy.

My parents would say the Angelus out loud at home so I usually leg it out of the room around 6pm to miss it – don’t know why really. That, or making an estimate of when the news is going to start and then switching over so that the Angelus is missed. You can be unlucky and just catch the closing bells of it.

Anyones folks ever say the Rosary on the way home from a long trip in the car? Jaysus I used to hate that.

No. But it was said every night in the house.

I used have to go to knock as a young fella. It was a bus trip type thing. You’d say the rosary three times on the way up, go to mass and say it several times while you were there, and then say it three times again on the way back. It was absolutely brilliant.

Yea, used to get that too on occasion, not every night, but more than was comfortable.

Once done a trip to Knock when a young fella. Two bus’s from home. Men on one bus, wimin on the other one. Auld Priest, fierce nice fella bless him, sticks the head round the door, sees its the mens bus, piles on and asks the men to shut the door and drive on quick. Once on the road, he revealed that every year he’d get cornered by the same auld wan and dragged onto the wimins bus where they’d make his say the roasary the whole way up and back and that there was no way he was getting caught to do it this year. He then pulled out a pack of cards and asked did anyone want to play a few hands. :smiley:

We didn’t do anything as formal as sitting down to say the rosary as a family or anything but being brought to mass every week was a chore. Just thinking back, there’s some religious customs that were observed that seem really pointless in hindsight. Processions and stuff like that.

I think its clear from the name title of who posts a post that it would be their opinion. Just like as an accepted forum member your entitled to post, we all generally accept what you write as your opinions.

Get over it, if you don’t like what i have to say, ignore it. Or prove me wrong.

Do they stop to say the Angelus in Residence?