The anti-Barcelona thread

I see these wankstains are making a formal complaint to UEFA about Milan’s pitch last night. Have they any bit of dignity at all? They disgust me and defame the honourable name of football.

They are just sore they don’t have the royal title bestowed on them. A made up entity masquerading as some kind of cult.

I can’t wait til Zlatan gets his inevitable brace in the NC and shows them whats what. Even if they do manage 3 goals Jose and the true representatives of the Spanish people will teach them a lesson in Munich

I would love it if Zlatan puts them to the sword at the Nou Creche. Love it.

It’s a lovely city, this thread is in poor taste.

Gaudi my hole.

:barcasmile: No pasaran!

(Does anyone know the ascii code for the upside down exclamation mark so beloved by the Iberians?)


Signing in.

+1 shameful stuff tonight

Messi has only scored against Italian sides three times, all of them penalties. He wouldn’t cut it in Serie A, certainly not to the expectations. I doubt he’d get more than 15 goals a season in Serie A as he would not be playing for Barcelona anymore, he would not be getting gifts from referees and he would be coming up against tactical and well organised sides.

Four of the last six knockout games in the CL at the Nou Creche have been fraught with controversial decisions that gone Barcelona’s way.

Higuian’s disallowed goal last season.

Van Persie’s sending off.

Thiago Motta’s sending off.

The penalty given against Nesta tonight, the penalty not given against Mascherano and the goal disallowed tonight.

All coming at crucial junctures in the respective games, all decisions wrong and all decisions benefiting one side. It’s shocking.

Zlatan: “It seems like Uefa wants a certain two teams in the Champions League final. Now I understand how Mourinho feels every time he comes to Camp Nou.”

Totti, laughable as this shit is, it got boring a long time ago. You’d be better off concerning yourself with the lack of Italian success in the Champions league in recent years. What is it, 3 wins since 2000? Pretty poor return for a country with such a prestigious footballing ancestry.

Pathetic comment. You clearly woke up in a different hemisphere and accepted the cheating.

Jesus christ.

Boring isn’t the word I’d use, but I am bored of their boring football and the pressurising tactics they inflict upon match officials and governing bodies. Then to rub salt into the wounds you have sycophants going around using hyperbolic and inaccurate praises like ‘the greatest team ever’ and so on to describe their shit football in front of their shit fans and the hollow, tainted trophies they have achieved by cheating.

Jesus christ.

This comment makes no sense. Italian teams have won more Champions Leagues in that time than EPL clubs and one less than La Liga. It is hardly a poor return.

I can handle cheats and even accept them, its this more than a club bullsh1t that grates with me. As if to suggest we are some kind of cultural victim please understand we deserve to get cheap penalties etc.


It’s the fact that they demand preferential treatment yet posture around as if they are a principled club and hark on about the values and cultures of their club. They are false and pretentious and play shitty, boring, pinball, possession football. Messi is a fraud, Guardiola is a drug cheat, Xavi is just a dickhead. If there is a bigger wanker in football than Guardiola right now I’d like to see what he’s done to top this man’s cuntishness. Reading his comments where he ACTUALLY said the second penalty was the correct decision shows the man has not integrity at all and is not interested in winning trophies on a level playing field. Give me an honest, passionate and brave football man like Mourinho any day ahead of this vile Catalan dog.