The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2

Lovely to see the cunt is still frothing.

You’d swear it was like Eton the way they go on.

You’d never hear what school an international soccer player like Coleman, Bazunu, McClean went to. The same for other international athletes like Katie Taylor, Adeleke, Mageean.

Just really weird behaviour by the rugby set. @KKUltra nailed it.


Keenan’s mother Avril (nee Dowley),
who hails from Carrick-on-Suir,

They’d be the same Dowleys who were robbed by Breifne O’Brien

Some shame that shes only risen to the role of Vice Captain in Delgany.

She’s not a Protestant so that’s as far as she was going in Delgany.

Gerry shouldn’t be surprised to see such behaviour in the Queens county.

Gerry was frothing at the mouth on Off the Ball last night in response to some ex Leinster jock who was saying Ireland need to learn to start playing ‘nego’ as that was the style of play that won 3 of the 4 quarter finals at the World Cup.

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Some shame for poor Hugo to have a catholic mother.

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In fairness who’d be watching a Galway Tipperary game in Portlaoise?


Hon PJ Kav!

TBF to the fine folk of “a large pub in Portlaoise” they probably have ascertained that Shefflin is a spoofer and watched the rubby out of protest.

Some of ye folk are like me thinking if only I had the right hurl I’d be a grand player. Shefflin is doing fine with what he has.
Or is EOS a bluffer too?

Who is a brother of Rubby blowhard Daire O’Brien

Another con man

The “Go Easy” man? Some dose!


Because footballers traditionally went away for their primary years of development (or weren’t from Ireland in quite a few cases).

In the case of Coleman though you’d actually hear regularly enough his Sligo Rovers background, primarily because he was unique enough at the time in coming from there.

There’s really nothing unique about it.

Gerry is still seething

It’s akin to complaining you were expecting heavy metal raucousness on a lovely Tuesday afternoon at the bowls green