The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Thought Sexton showed poor captaincy. Needed to re-focus his team but started bitching to the ref from early on instead. They still looked like making a contest of it but I think the substitutions killed off their come back.


Looked like he was wound up before the game with Carbery starting for Munster.

He more less told Carbery that in the row after Conor Murrays high tackle. I liked the way he pulled Carbery to the ground by the back of the neck and called him a cunt standing over him.

Sextons a winner and some competitor in fairness. Munster are going nowhere aswell which was pleasing.


He’s a great player and some competitor but he’s always been a poor captain. Most of the job of a rugby captain on the pitch is to manage the ref - Sexton just pisses them off


I’d actually be very happy as a Munster fan tonight. They played awful and won easily against the best team of the Europe. They are finally beginning to produce some good young players too. Midfield is still a massive issue. Badly need to improve there passing. Furlong was blessed not to see red and the ref completely bottled it until lowe was left with no option.


An intercept try to secure the win on their own line five minutes from time against 14 men isn’t winning easily. Munster looked bereft of ideas in the second half once Leinster stopped giving stupid penalties away.

I’m not sure it was a particularly good night for either team.


Munster had that game won after 15 minutes.


Middle aged men losing their shit over a game of rubby…

cc @Fran


Easy to say a day later. Is that why they arsed around in the second half?


It was because there midfield wasn’t too far above ail level and probably scars left over from throwing away the castres game.


This is further confirmation of something a number of rugby coaches have told me over the years regarding hurling being a great sport to develop rugby players.


how twee

@Tim_Riggins im only new enough to the rugby set so I don’t really feel its my place to give this chump a few crumbs, could you pat him on the head and say well done


It’s the two sad cunts that liked this I feel most sorry for.


Says the sad cunt desperate for approval from the rugby set :laughing:


Simple question, if you’re able. Why are you on TFK?


To have a bit of craic. How about yourself? You seem a bit thin-skinned for this place


Nah, just trying to have a discussion on a topic I’m interested in with some reasonable people and a few gombeens like yourself are set on disrupting. I’m all for a bit of banter but I’m tired of the likes of you following me around like a love sick teenager. Grow up.


what exactly are you looking for? someone who is into rugby to say well done to you?


Serious discussion died here a long time ago – it’s just about quick point scoring and oneupmanship now.


Me following you around? :laughing: You’re a no mark mate no offence. That’s disrespectful to the posters that I do actually follow around the place


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