The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


A glass down already here, mistakes were made. Itching for a Code Wars battle though with my main man TSG.


Not today mate


It’s nearly Boxing Day in Oz mate.


A former Munster player refereeing a competitive Munster fixture. :joy:


Was it just Connacht and Cork Con? Odd in any case


15 senior appearances for Munster according to Google.

Some jokeshop


Apparently Rolland and Clancy have both reffed this fixture before so it’s not a new thing.


Grand bit of niggle to this


There will be some amount of bitching after this.


Who are they playing?


Leinster. 3 Leinster men sent off already and it not half time yet :joy:


Red cards or sin bins?


One red and two yellas


The fucking coat on Donners here. Paddington bear wouldn’t be seen dead in it.


Rollers was an international ref, with a well established reputation


As is/was Clancy. Murphy is only reffing his 21st Pro14 game as per the commentator.


The ladyboys sent packing

cc @glasagusban


That game was a disgrace to the name of sport.


Agreed just back from it in what other professional sport would you have an ex player officiating his former team? Jokeshop, if Leinster had decided to play rugby from the start rather than engage in wanton thuggery they would have hammered us.


Not sure it was wanton thuggery. Sexton was stupid at the start as was the high-shot over the sideline. Beyond that though it was mostly unfortunate. Healy’s was clumsy but so was Murray’s - those tackles happen these days. Both Furlongs and Lowes didn’t have any thuggish intent imho - they were reffed on outcome. Leinster did alright considering they played with 14 men for 60 mins. I wouldn’t be that worried about Munster if it was a knock-out game, they offered fuck all in the second half.