The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


You’re dealing with an ex-rugby player here, don’t try to get too logical


Grand short names, a lot to admire about that, unlike the pretentious shit you could see some name their kids.


Except jj could be anything, and there’s a zachariah in there.
Oh, and maximillian


Doesnt appear as if any of those children are called by those names.

But they’ll look good on an Ireland team list in the future no doubt.


Lolz, deserves a ten.




Whats this mate?


It seems the Ulster fans made some illicit comments in the direction of Zeebs today, very disappointing.


Zebo at least smart enough not to make any formal complaint, Irelands captain may well have lead the charge to ostracise him entirely for daring to challenge the sickening behaviour.