The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


If I had one of those you wouldn’t be talking to me. Which would be a bonus of having one.


He’s just missing the half n half scarf there.


Don’t do yourself down, mate - I’d still talk to you.


yeah, you’re persistent like that, or so the word goes around here


“I’m getting paid vast amounts of money to do so”
“Look at how much rugby I played”
“I’ve written thousands of words on my opinion on a game i claim to dislike, why won’t you engage me?”

You are deeply unsettled. It happens. Maybe sign out for a bit.


It’s nice to talk to the needy, sometimes.


Hi Ewan


You are trying very hard to go after my character here Tim. It’s a fools errand. I’ve already openly admitted to the forum I’m of unsound character.

I know why you won’t engage with me. You haven’t a fucking clue about Rugby.

I don’t particularly like you, or your Bourgeois ways.

Are you jealous because you don’t get paid vasts amount of money while you’re on here, and you have never played rugby?


Trying lads out is fine if he is planning for the big dance - but still, tweaks to in-game tactics could still have been employed … I said it during the match, Ireland needed to do what England were doing and should have played short dinks into space and turn England quickly … trying out players and changing your approach in-game are not mutually exclusive of each other


I think Schmidt has created a culture where everything has to fit into the process and structure. On Saturday the process was to attack them in the air or run it up the middle. After about 10 minutes of the second half it was blatantly obvious neither of these were working.

You basically had one of the best number 10’s in the World not being allowed to play the game in front of him. I think Johnny Sexton, playing for Leinster would have tried to get the ball into touch and take on their lineout.

Basically, Ireland have a load of himbos who do what they are told and don’t have allowance to play the game as they see it. ROG would have been stifled in this set up


The likes of Farrell has to be getting irritated watching it. The sooner he gets the gig and restores pride the better.


Why would I engage someone who says they don’t like rugby on their tactics points of the game? I never said I agreed or disagreed with you, what would be the point anyway given your admitted intention.

What I did engage on was the utter stupidity of your posts and trying to shoehorn it into a Ewan MacKenna lite narrative.

I’m not attacking your character, I just repeated you telling us all how much money you were making for providing blow by blow accounts of rugby. For someone going on about the Bourgois you’ve a funny way to go on. Mostly because you’re incredibly needy.


It was Farrell’s defensive system that got comprehensively undone by Eddie Jones and England at the weekend. I’d say irritation with Schmidt wasn’t his first emotion.


You spent two days at this shite now mate.


Would Farrell have picked Henshaw at full back? Surely Larmour has spent more time there in training than Henshaw?


It needed changing and nothing was forth-coming … I’m sure Farrell recognized this.


If you look at the tries in isolation. First try, England got an overlap out wide because Henshaw was 20 yards behind and in the middle of the field.
Second try - Chip in behind. Again Henshaw was no where to be seen. Stockdale made a haimes of it.
Third try - Chip in behind. Henshaw way too forward up the field. Stockdale didn’t cover in behind.
the fourth try was just a cluster fuck.


I’d expect a big response against the Scots.

Joe, Bundee and co are hurting.

Win the gain line and you win the match, it’s time to front up.


RO’G and Thomas O’Leary both said they’d expect Joe to go with the same back 7 against Scotland, but they both were of the opinion he needed to have a team meeting and give them a right good talking to.


I’d say the coaching ticket are less convinced by Larmours solidity at the back. He wasn’t great defensively in the Autumn internationals.