The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


you have to be willing to move in four directions and three dimensions to survive in this place kid.


yeah, you said as much yesterday, and a few times before.


For a country that fancies itself as sports mad, best fans in the wuddled across several codes theres a shocking lack of good analysis in the meeja. On the wagon and all off it and panic stations 80 minutes plus tmo time later.

Why would herr schmidt give a rattling fuck about the 5 nations, why would anyone after winning it. This loss was desperately needed for a dose of reality for the fawning public and the team. England were up for it, ireland believed the hype. The lad at the base of it looks like he was on heroin not coke, henshaw couldn’t have positioned himself under a beach ball. Joe knew this but left them at it, its all about the coupe de monde this year goys.


Excellent pivot when it looked like you were getting reeled in. Savvy INTERNETTING in fact.

Lessons learnt from the pre-Christmas meltdown no doubt.


yeah unlike Joe Schimdt, I am able to change from the process and play an ad-lib game.

I think I was too stuck in the process and gameplan pre-christmas and that’s why I went into an Internet spiral. I found myself in too many box kick offs with the opposition


Couldn’t agree more


Some skill on show for the patrons on Saturday anyway


Youd see it bigger on telly.


Moving in four directions is a conservative estimate of your state of being at the moment.

You’re being pulled apart in any and every direction.

You should have taken the hint and fucked off when the forum’s equivalent of a chocolate teapot came in to try and bail you out.

Leave the anti-rugby stuff to those who are good at it, like @dodgy_keeper and @Special_Olympiakos.


I’m pro-rugby you thick cunt.


You’re just bearing out my previous post, mate.

For everybody’s sake, but especially your own, stop.


If I’m bothering you that much I will. I’m fine, though.

On one condition though, you stop with the puns.


What a ledge.


I’m only thinking of your well being, mate.

I’ll continue with the puns as I’m very good at them, and they are the heartbeat of this forum, loved by all.


The neediness of him comes off the page.

He’s making wumming rugby uncool on here.


the forum has angina then


Championship Minutes.


Whereas you’re just coming across as if you have a vagina.


A real team player.


I’m wumming you, not rugby mate. And it is working a treat