The Apprentice

The Irish version of The Apprentice is starting now. Might be good, might also be shite…

Gas. Just got a text to say one of the lads who was a year ahead of me in primary school’s on it. Knocked around with him for a little while when I was about 13 but then he was sent off to boarding school. Must switch it on.

a couple of lookers on it…only after turning it on but there seems to be a blonde hotty…

Obviously rigged in favour of the Wexican. First task selling fruit!!!

Is It Just Me?

Or is this cringe television?

bill cullen is no Sir Alan Suger…

Watching Breakout on BBC 1 about the 1983 Maze prison escape.

Farmer, this thread’s about The Apprentice. It’s on TV3.

All I’m saying is get thee to BBC 1.

was that the escape by bic macfarlene and a couple of others when they hi jacked a truck…TG4 had a documentory on that a few months ago…some neck on them boys…

That’s the one.

Ronan Whitty survives by the skin of his teeth. I’m sure there’s great scenes of jubilation in The Whitford House Hotel in Wexford.

Harmless enough viewing. Might give it another go next week to see if I can make a connection to any of the contestants.

You were mates with a guy called Whitty?

Ah, I knocked around with him briefly.

It’s a common enough name - some light reading for you: The Whitty Name in History: Books

Is he from Wexford Bandage? I played soccer for a year in the UCD superleague using his name while he was a student there! Never even met the bloke.

Yep, he’s part of the family that run Whitford Hotel. I saw him keeping goal out in Booterstown during the summer in the astro league. I don’t know what’s up to these days other than this.

The trailer for next week looked a bit tasty…one of the woman roaring at an other one “I’l break your face”

Looks she could have an able accomplice if she’s looking to break faces.

From todays indo:

THE company behind TV3 programme ‘The Apprentice’ has backed one of the show’s contestants after it emerged he is facing assault charges.

Shane Davey (29), one of the favourites to win the series, is alleged to have punched a man named as David Ryan while Mr Ryan’s wife Joyce was pushed to the ground by an unidentified assailant outside a Leopardstown Restaurant on February 2, 2007.

Mr Davey strongly denies the allegations. He is due in court in December after the case was adjourned to hear further evidence from Mrs Ryan and the defence.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the production company Screentime Shinawil – which made the Irish version of the popular series – said they were “fully aware of the impending court case” and stressed that they were “fully confident in the country’s judiciary system”.

His names Whitty and they run the Whitford Hotel, is that just conicidence or is there something I dont know?