The Ask Niall Harbison Thread

Niall, oven chips, yay or nay?

Tunnocks Teacakes or Cadburys Minirolls

How important is the right mixologist to a Dublin restaurant’s bottom line?

Is Harbison an Irish name?

Are Kodaline the most important and vital band in the world today?

Can they follow in the path of greatness ploughed by Dublin rock ‘n’ roll legends The Thrills, The Coronas and The Script?

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Niall Harbison, who the fuck are you? I’ve never heard of you.

Niall, are you largely responsible for Ireland’s recovery?

Are you anything to the former state pathologist? Is Dublin’s cultural rennaissance as dead as his patients?

What did you take away from your appearance on a Dragons Den with ifoods and their rejection of the business idea.

Are you anything to our former controversial AG? The man who brought down the labour ff coalition?

Is fuck really, really your favourite word?

Are you the man behind “the video” ?


Who do you want to win between Manchester United and Olympiakos?

Was ifoods limited of which you were a director dissolved by a liquidation or a strike off process?

Which two rugby players would you be Zeboed by, in an ideal world?

Niall, if your good mate Jamie Heaslip jumped up on your back would you let him ride you or would you pull him off?

Which of the following is your nickname:

  1. Harby
  2. Harbo
  3. Nialler
  4. Niallo
  5. Cunt

[QUOTE=“Bandage, post: 918664, member: 9”]Which of the following is your nickname:

  1. Harby
  2. Harbo
  3. Nialler
  4. Niallo
  5. Cunt[/QUOTE]
    I hear Niall likes to call himself “The Harbinator” when he’s in important company (as he no doubt often is, having turned down the oppurtunity to become a billionaire), but to his friends, he’s simply “The Harb”.

There is no way he hasn’t called himself ‘The Harbster’ at some point in his life.