The Barney Curley lies thread

Continuing the discussion from Rugby World Cup 2019:

For fear of this being buried in the WC thread. You can post up a picture or a link of this when you get the chance Barney.

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I found this one funny because it was obviously meant as a dig at soccer but he must have forgot that the rugby world cup was in England a few years ago 2 years on from one of apples greatest ever tips.

He reckons he played with Blackrock, Leinster and Ireland for schools rubby.

This one gave me a good laugh too

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I did. Schools tho.

Lads seem very upset by the fact I know a few Irish players.


You have them hopping like sausages in a pan.

You are actually ruining lads lives. :rofl:

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Mac is having a bizarre meltdown


He’s modelled himself on Ross ocarroll Kelly

Aye. When a lad is digging up posts from 2 years ago it’s everyone else who’s hopping around the place :joy:

I’m marking the anniversary of a great day. It’s dewhurst day in Newmarket.

Ross wouldn’t be caught dead near GAA or horseracing

how did you end up supporting Limerick and Munster?

I’m from limerick. I went to boarding school.

Who started the thread?

fair play. What school?

He said before he went to the crescent comprehensive.

Black rock for fifth and and sixth year.

I got a handy nice post for that one