The Batshit Crazy Internecine Temperature of the Forum

On a scale of 1-10 I’d put it at about a 6 at present

The batshit virus has a lot of lads driven demented.


That’s a very serious accusation to make

A 6 would be positively serene for this place.

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This thread, in video format.

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Currently 7

TFK Automatic: South, blustery with recent squally conditions, 7.5, rising.

If liverpool lose we’re going to need a bigger boat


The next election is surely a couple of months away yet, there’s a few lads will end up like the MV Alta if they don’t pace themselves.

Stranded in Ballycotton?

Let’s hope Leo and Simon get bloody stranded

Up another notch now

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Heading towards 8

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8 has been hit

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8.5 and not showing signs of stopping

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Where’s all the mentalness happening these days?

I’m presuming in all the threads I’ve stopped reading…

Man city , politics , rough birds etc …,

Some turn or events when Limerick GAA topics are a bastion of sanity


Wherever @Tim_Riggins and @ChairmanDan happen to be hanging out

The frustaration at being wrong about almost literally everything in his time on this forum is beginning to catch up with Riggins. You don’t like to see it on a personal level because behind every pseudonym is a real person but he’s made some flute of himself lately.

His prejudice got the better of him today, it wasn’t pretty but I have every faith he will come back his usual ebullient self tomorrow