The beautiful people of fair Fingal


Are there any hotels in Swords itself?


Swords? If I wanted to eat my dinner surrounded by knackers I would just stay in Limerick


is there one or two just outside near Airside?..


don´t be a social climber…stick to your level mate…go in for a pint with those animals that drink in the Star pub in Swords…


The Carnegie Court?


@TreatyStones , book into the Crowne Plaza in Santry. A short jaunt down to Santry village and the refurbished Omni Centre. Not sure what restaurants they have there though.




The Airport Hilton is only across the road from the food court inClare Hall


The food court in Tesco Clare Hall? Ah lads, no need to take the piss now.


So far I have been offered McDonalds in Santry and a food hall at a tesco as a choice of places to dine in Fingal.


With those powers of observation you’ll go far in this world


Of course I will, I’m going to the airport.
Fuckin Clarehall Tesco like??


[quote=“TreatyStones, post: 821238, member: 1786”]Of course I will, I’m going to the airport.
Fuckin Clarehall Tesco like??[/quote]

There’s a grand Spar up the road from Omni as well.


I think I’ll just stay in a place in the city center and get a cab out in the morning.


What types of shops and restaurants are you looking for?


Nice ones. I’m more just looking to be able to stroll somewhere during the late afternoon evening, as some of the hotels around the airport are in fairly remote locations if you don’t have transport.


Your best bet then would be to stay in City Centre - Gresham, Jurys Parnell St, or the hotel at the Point would all be on the right side of town for the airport while leaving you close to what you want, albeit in scummy areas. Or else stay in somewhere like Malahide.


What’s the Golf hotel in portmarnock like?


TWCB nailed this early doors. The Grand Hotel is, well grand.