The blame game

Lenihan for me tops. A pathological liar and traitor. Backbone of a snail and incredibly incompetent.

Cowen a drunken moron of the highest order. Awful minister, worst Taoiseach.

Next Ahern, didn’t give a fuck about anything but power. Ireland was heading for a serious recession anyway as he passed around favors to his developer buddies like a bad dose of crabs.

Patrick Neary you utter cunt of a man. Surrender your passport.

The Irish electorate. A selfish indulgent shower of counts. Turned a blind eye to corruption for the chance of owning an apartment in Citywest.

The media. Complicit, bought and shameless.

Seanie Fitz, Fingleton, Gleeson etc shameless failed people. Utterly corrupt and bankrupted a nation.

Any more - I thought about British Lions and Glasgow Celtic but they are further down the list.

the wild geese that fled to foreign shores rather than standing shoulder to shoulder with their fellow Gaels

geese are a migratory species. they go wherever the wind takes them. I wouldnt be bothered about them as Kev would say they had this recession coming to them.

is funny how he was a saviour not so long ago.

In his defence, everyone supported the bank bailout, economists all over the world said it was the right move.

Europe boned us, we didnt have control over our economy to get us out of the pressure cooker…

id actually be lenient on the 2 brians bertie is the real criminal…

Ah Cowen is the real culprit for me.

As Vinnie said last night, four years as Minister for Finance up to the collapse and Taoiseach for two years since then which has resulted in this bailout.

That speaks for itself really.

Lenihan and Bertie can say that they werent involve both pre and post crash respectively. Cowen is the only common link across the whole mess.

fair point farmer.

the sheer lack of regulation over the banks in the boom time is shocking.

Charlie McCreevy…the SSIA, free money for the middle classes to buy elections. Pumped money into an overheating economy because in typical alcoholic fashion wanted to spend everything in his pocket. Turned a prudent, conservative, self financing horse racing industry body into a bloated quango that gobbles millions of exchequer money every year.

Weren’t the EU on his case back in the day about overheating the economy by failing to increase tax rates, and he told them to fuck off?

Yep, the ESRI told him it too. He knew better as he’s a professor of economics. Oh wait…


He was pushed the whole way by Ahern though, and any disagreement he had with the party was when he wasn’t prepared to give away enough.

spot on.

he ended up in europe because he wouldn’t loosen the purse strings enough

when I am king, he’ll be far from first against the wall.

Ahern was already named above. I was just adding to the list. In fairness the taxpayers wanted giveaway budgets every year aswell! Still his policies were imprudent and helped to land us where we are.

‘Imprudent’ is something of an understatement. Combined with the very dubious policy of undercutting everyone else on corporation tax, his arrogant two fingers to every other member country, when they were all warning the giveaway budgets were madness, has fairly hardened attitudes towards where we are now.

The greens. The PD’s would never have allowed this.

A political culture that allows this to happen

“The blame game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!”

John Gormless.

thick ankled country women who bring their children up to be hapless fucktards


Surely Art Fooley deserved scorn and derision heaped on him for his role in all of this