The Brazilian Ronaldo

Farmer will be along soon to remind us how great Ronaldo was and it is easy to forget his great years with the crap that followed.

His club record in mid 90s was sensational. Just short of a goal a game with PSV and with Barca. Even after injuries stalled him at Inter he was excellen again at Real with over 20 league goals 3 seasons in a row.

Never really liked the guy after he went to Inter but it was impossible to dispute his brilliance.

the best centre forward i have seen play by a distance when fit and well…

The most lethal and feared player in the history of the game. A quite unbelievable physical specimen.

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Any word on who his team-mate Roberto Carlos is moving to? I read that the Corinithians fans hate him so much they’ve started following his car around. He’s coming back to Europe. I hope it’s Blackburn.

reunited with Salgado

He was phenomenal on his best form alright. Not quite as brilliant at Real but still top class. Nike seemed to screw him around a bit. Transfer moves seemed to be out of his hands.
Two World Cups and a BBC Overseas Sports Peraonality award but no Champions League.

The best player probably I’d say.

Fabio Cannavaro was asked how would he deal with Ronaldo in his upcoming battle with him, while the fat one was at Milan. He said ‘Same as always with Ronaldo - shut your eyes and pray to God’.

What a player back in the day. One of the best ever. He scored a hatrick against United at Old Trafford and the United fans applauded him off when he was subbed. He was out of this world that night.

Better than Messi?

Oh yes.

Il Fenomeno.

Cristiano or Messi aren’t worthy of being compared to this guy.

Never forget him playing in the 98 World Cup with a broken toe, he was an unbelievable talent

Brazil haven’t had any player of that class since nor has the world to be fair

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that he is by an absolute mile the most talented player to ever play the game. The natural ability, physique and athleticism he had was ridiculous.



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Good article.

Ronaldo was a once in a generation footballer. Those who are of an age to remember Ronaldo bursting on the scene know he was a phenomenon, a once in a generation player. The greatest ever for me, he was unplayable.

Messi doesn’t have the gut instinct of the likes of Maradona or Ronaldo, that’s really why he is not a great - everything seemed to be on a whim and it was devastating.


Desailly on O Fenomeno.

"In the history of football, you have a small number of players who were the best - the best of their generation. You have to choose Pele, and then you have to choose Maradona. But after that you have Ronaldo, not Zidane—it has to be Ronaldo. I was playing at AC Milan when he was at Inter. I was probably at my strongest, and I was playing alongside Paolo Maldini. But playing against Ronaldo was the only time I ever saw Maldini worried. He said to me “Marcel, you have to stay around me—I need your help here. You have to stay close to me. We have to double up on him. When he takes the ball away, and when he runs, we have to double up on him.” He was amazing. He was a magician. Wow—the impression on everyone playing and everyone watching—wow. When Ronaldo got the ball, it was like— wahhh! The whole stadium was buzzing. He was the only player who made such an incredible mark on people who saw him.

“It was so unfortunate that he got his injury, it probably restricted him to 70% of his potential. Had he not have got it, he could have done anything.”