The Brian Fenton is stalking Bandage thread


Terminal 3 is a depressing place.

Its utterly grim yeah.

You should have seen it in lockdown. They turned the heating off and lights off, and used it for an odd flight. Mould up the walls. I ended up sitting waiting for a flight there beside the pilot. He said it was the worst airport he’d ever used.

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Not claiming it as a spot or anything but Damien Duff is down the beach at the moment with some ar.y lads prepping a preseason training session for the shels team.

Afaik he’s still in the chair, yeah. Don’t know about walking again.


I’d say you imagined that one

That’s nearly 10 years ago in fairness

Former referee Brian Gavin ordering pints at The Sports Bar in Leopardstown race course yesterday.

10 minutes later I also spotted Forum favourite Anthony Tessio Cunningham ordering pints at the same spot.

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Brian Gavin was in Thurles Racing the Sunday before Christmas too.

Had a brief chat with Donnacha “Donners” O’Callaghan below in Nemo yesterday morning, the 6 yr old is stone cracked on Irelands Fittest Family. Donners told her she needed to be 14 before entering the populate RTÉ show and that her mother should take part too - both princess and I looked at each other and laughed at that suggestion.

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His young fella is same age as my own so he is at all the mini rugby blitzes. He’s some magnet for kids. He also does his shift refereeing the games etc. an alright sort is Donners


I think she needs to be from a prominent socodu family mate. He’s sent you off on a wild goose chase there.

I get the impression that he is a thoroughly alright sort.

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Throughly. Top top bloke

Ex Mayo legend* David Brady and family enjoying some ciabattas and drinks on the benches outside the coffee shop across from the zoo at around 1:20 today. He was wearing a grey Jack and Jones type bubble jacket. His kids were full of chat but he looked famished and demolished his sandwich.