The Brian Fenton is stalking Bandage thread

Surely he has a difficult leinster championship to navigate first? Wouldn’t he need to peak for louth or something?


Are you one of these lads who still hasn’t yet worked out it’s first and foremost a geographical competition?

Fenton has a very odd shaped head; please allude to this in any future spots @Bandage

Something himself and @Bandage share in common


Not in leinster and munster it isn’t

“Well Brain, what do yourself and Man U have in common?”
I dunno mate
“You’ve both been destroyed by glaziers”


He may be, but he made a show of himself there. Threw a dig, received a push in retaliation then dived like a tyrone man.


Clunky, but I’m throwing it a like

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The lad who destroyed Roy Keane in his first match up in Scotland was a glazier too I think …


Peadar Andrews?

He got a good clatter and was probably hurt.

Even Brian Tyers on the 7th floor of the Hogan Stand felt it as he let out a big, “ohhhhh” when it happened.

You’d think Fenton is above being tackled the way he reacted.

Tyers was immense yesterday. Great caller.


The best there’s ever been in any sport anywhere.

There was one stage in the second half yesterday when Derry broke up the field as the Dublin defence went AWOL and Murray eventually butchered a goal chance.

In an exasperated tone he just said, “Cá bhfuiil mBaile Atha Cliath?”

It was incredible stuff.


That was exactly the play I was going to comment on-think it was off the kick out. Spotted it before the Dubs

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Ah it was epic.

Mark Harte has now firmly established himself as the co commentator too. Brings a real big game feel to proceedings.

The likes of Coman Goggins and Aodan Mac Gearailt have never really cut it.

One of the most unsatisfactory things about having both All Ireland Club Finals on the same day is that Tyers only does the football and we’ve had Macdara Mac Donnacha calling home Harry Ruddles goal from downtown and Eanna Burkes Hollywood point to win the hurling.


Tyers comes for great stock, his old lad played football for Cork and was behind the Christy Ring documentary.


Did it highlight that Ring was a simpleton?

@Locke can you give me a template to post a spot in this thread that doesn’t make the post appear about where I am but more about the people I’ve seen?

Edit - or @gilgamboa either

Who? Brian Fenton
Where? The dublin kerry suite of the appeals committee headquarters in croke park.
Demeanour: chirpy, entitled…then crestfallen.
Brian was wearing grey jogging trousers, grey hoodie and stolen trainers.

Straightforward enough really


Who: David Jennings, Racing Post Irish Editor
Where: Marquette, Dublin Airport T1
When: 9am this morning approx
Demeanour: Focused writing his column that became perplexed when he was asked to purchase something if he wanted to use the more comfortable Marquette seats over the general pleb seats

Does this work?

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