The Cager Thread

yes, as farms become obsolete, the government should pay muldoons to rewild or to allow green energy on their land

Have you any interest in investing in a rural enclave with about 50 acres suitable for wind turbines?. I know of a lad who’s anxious to relocate and he’d trust me as an intermediary.

You wouldn’t have to move or anything, you’d manage about 6 turbines @€15k a year. This oul’ codger would take a tad shy of €500k. Pay for everything in 10.


Has the second car killed rural Ireland? Could car sharing save it?

The housing stock in Irish towns is generally terrible quality. People don’t want to live in an apartment in a rural town. There needs to be better planning around the development of houses within town boundaries.

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A consolidation of towns is needed. Knock a few places surplus to requirements like Arklow or Roscrea and move the inhabitants to the nearest larger settlement. Better services for all.

Athy needs to go.

No. Limerick needs somewhere to export their undesirables.

Tullamore is still there.

How far away are we from self driving electric cars mate?

no idea- a quick google suggests another 10 years

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A tank of diesel and about 9 pints of black. Car drives itself then

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I wonder will it be the case in say 15 years time that people will just be banned from driving fullstop for being too much of a risk to the public.

Would make sense as these self driving cars are rolled out across the board.

Probably a crazy notion, but the way things are going it wouldnt surprise me.

I’m gonna go on some drive when this is over, then fly to America and go for a drive 5 times longer than the Irish one. Apologies @climate

You should drive to America altogether. Like Ewan McGregor and his chum did. Except do it in a Hummer.

Until the night you are slurring your words, the car mishears you and you wake up in the morning 100 miles from home.

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@padjo @Mac @Gman

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