The Cager Thread

Im seeing this a lot too - always middle aged men with paved driveways

Prof. Ian Walker on X: “Nice work from @IPPR, showing who is creating our transport emissions - the nation’s largest source of emissions” / X

You’re big into the reports from foreign places today.:grinning:

Who could have predicted it?

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ruh roh

‘Hard to argue against’: mandatory speed limiters come to the EU and NI | Motoring | The Guardian

He sent Karen and her passive aggression packing good and proper.

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stay out of our city you horrible culchie cunt

after spending 215m on an interchange, cagers in cork are saying there is no improvement & now want to spend a billion widening a tunnel

No ‘silver bullet’ to solve congestion at Jack Lynch tunnel, according to TII (

Proves my point on enforcement. Rules are not worth the paper they are printed on without it.


We should make more new modern laws rather than enforce the laws that already exist.

Agreed a chara