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The Green Party have given the country some service in this government :brendan:

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Yerra they have and they haven’t.

I witnessed an aul wan with a bag of bottles feeding them into one of those machines recently. Firing them in. By the time I got to her she had them all in, no chance they were being scanned. When I got closer I saw there was an out of order sign on the machine. I doubt she even knew. Tragic. An absolute waste of time.

They’ve worked for me every time in fairness.

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Me too but that’s not the point I was making

Did you explain it to her or just let her off?

The damage was done. Maybe I should have. Its just fierce sad state of affairs the whole thing.

My pal has noticed an awful lot more people use the phone whilst driving than on the mainland. He feels it’s nice in a way to be back.

It’s cuntish. Fellas driving artics with the phone held up to their ear.

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Or school buses

Everyone is at it. It’s ridiculous really.

The thing I can’t get my head around is lads in fairly newish cars with phones up to their ears. Like I mean half of them (if not all) have Bluetooth, use the handsfree system ffs. I have a banged up 07 micra, first thing I got was a Bluetooth radio for €80, it’s fairly simple like. As for bus and truck drivers… Silly fuckers.


The worst are cunts trying to turn one handed using the phone

Any young lad who grew up driving with one arm resting on the tractor mudguard or wheel arch, should be automatically allowed text and drive.

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Three motorists who gardaí say were witnessed filming the scene of a collision on a motorway in Co Louth have been fined.

Gardaí from Clogerhead, along with officers from the Dundalk Drogheda Roads Policing Unit, attended the scene of a crash involving a HGV on the M1 yesterday morning.

Two lanes of the motorway were blocked for some time.

In a post on social media, gardaí said that “unbelievably” they witnessed three motorists “driving past while recording the scene with their phones”.

All three were stopped and issued with fixed penalty notices.

Gardaí have said that “using your phone increases the risk of another accident taking place”.

They added that it is also “completely disrespectful to anyone involved in the collision”.

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One for the Things That Are Right thread

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I’m Hmmming too. I know some of the protagonists