The Cancer Thread


Do we need one?



Researcher Amy Griffin (50), a former goalkeeper and coach at the University of Washington, revealed that the number of young adults to develop cancer has increased since the introduction of artificial turf on campus, but admitted that the observations are not solidified in fact.


Can we get a list of things that cause cancer?


Excess Processed Red Meat
Excess Sunshine


Not blowing your load regularly.






radiation exposure and exposure to other carginogens
imbibing toxic tobacco fumes
over indulging red meat and pork products
over indulging alcohol
sitting on your hole too much
getting sunburnt too often
receiving a gene from your ancestors


Fucking hell, the entire TFK Astro side alumni are now at risk :open_mouth:


A lack of anti-oxidants
Too many anti-oxidants


Everything causes cancer. Once you accept that, you can go and live a normal life, without worrying about it and maybe help those who get cancer along the way.


Bad genes.


Tight Jeans


Bad luck causes cancer
Good luck cures it


@Smark must be riddled with it.


people who “beat” cancer are heroes, legends, tough bastards, etc
people who succumb to it are “unfortunate”


Over indulgence in anything causes cancer.

Everything in moderation prevents it.


Did you know that 100% of people who drink water die :eek::eek::eek:


Joe Jackson - Cancer


I see Gaybo has cancer.