The Cancer Thread




I will prostrate myself before you @iron_mike if that is your wish


No need. I am not your leader. I am your equal


Get away from that window you liudramáin.


I see AA Gill has cancer too. I hope AA pulls through.


Is he the restaurant reviewer? If so I enjoy his scathing reviews and I hope he recovers


That’s the chap. I love his reviews.


He says he’s riddled with it. His best chance is that all the cancers get each other maybe.


He has no qualms about giving a restaurant 1 out of 5.
The Irish ones are basically just paid adverts where no one gets worse than an average review.


Gay may have cancer… he may… What an announcement


Who know s bad genes


Did you read his review of Rio Ferdinand’s place in Manchester a couple of years back @Fagan_ODowd?
One of the finest critiques of a restaurant, and a city pond life you’d ever read.




I’ll have a look.


The restaurant is called Rosso. His review caused quite the stir. It was a quite brilliant evisceration of a chunk of Manchester society. It’s behind the Sunday times firewall unfortunately, and I can’t find it in full anywhere else.
October 2010 it was actually. Tempus fugit. .


Talcum Powder :scream_cat:


Big news there today… Processed food leads to cancer. Wowzers…

Includes carbonated drinks but I didn’t clarify if that includes alcohol. Tinned goods, meats and so on…

Advice is to est more fruit and vegetables…


This is a game changer. I’m pretty fucking smug here after eating a bowl of home made vegetable curry.


Ive already alterted lthe likes of @Smark to the dangers of salami and the likes rotting your hole from the inside out


Don’t forget plastic containers, especially after microwaving them and blending them with their contents.