The Cancer Thread


Keep Ireland green, Fuck a frog…


But not too much. Its a balancing act.


Nothing said about a roast tho…


What about roasters? Surely a cause


Most def


Signing in.

Two years ago this week was told I have a rare form of leukaemia. On the mend still after chemo in May ‘16, only my lymphocytes are not in the normal range for blood levels now. Cunt of a thing is curative, could come back this year, 5 years time or never…


Jesus. That’s shit. And also pretty great. Thankfully you’ll find we’ve experts in everything here so I’m sure you’ll find someone with similar experience, some fine advice, (eat your greens and only wank on Tuesdays etc) and plenty of empathy.


No better place for you. What’s your favourite topic to vent on?

Fair fucks to you


Fuck sake. Wanking on a Tuesday will send him to an early grave. You know that well


Anyone using a microwave needs their head examined



That notion has been done away with for a good while


Good luck with it.


It frightens the shit out of me. I refuse to use it


Best of luck with it


I cam you now you are doing 50 more harmful things every day




Food is shite out of a microwave anyway


50 THINGS more HARMFUL than using a MICROWAVE - click here


Be the best version of yourself each day that you are able to be.


Best wishes for the future.