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The vast majority of dog owners in Ireland are scum. They allow their dogs shit anywhere they like throughout the country, on our footpaths and parks. Brought the young fella up to Knockfierna hill (hill in Co Limerick) for a walk today and there was numerous dog shites deposited on the paths. Rotten bastards stood there looking at their mutt taking a dump where kids will be walking. If any cunt walking a dog doesn’t have an appropriate dog shit collection bag, it should result in an automatic fine.

Rant over.


Dungeon this vomit of a thread…

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it is a fine not to clean up after your dog mate

Somebody please start a thread demanding it be made illegal to drive a car while drunk.


It should be a fine for not carrying the bag, that way cunts might actually use them.

Cc @The_Most_Infamous

Cc: @Thelinkwalsh

Link was trying to get home in rural Ireland, iirc the other fella headed to a 24 hour for fags. If there was a scale…

Cc: @Finbarr_O’Rourke

Fucking disgrace.


Jesus Christ, this is outrageous

That’s great work. Cork is an exceptionally clean city, with little or no dog fouling. A single fine in 7 years is a testament to that :clap:


Another dog fouling denier.

Why are dogs getting all the dogs abuse? What about cats mate, and fucking horses. Do the horsey cunts clean up their horseshit? Do they fuck.

You should carry a spare ravenous little dog around with you when you’re outside so he can eat any available fresh dog shots ye spot.

Are there many people walking cats on leashes where you live, mate?

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Here Grapes, fuck off and die you boring cunt.

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You’re so exciting.

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Cats bury their shit Chef.