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He respects me. He knows I wouldn’t like it.


Any parent letting their child walk in a grass verge needs their head examined.


agreed. maybe an old wives tale but I heard a story before of a child going blind from the “shit”


Joined the dog owning ranks. Missus arrived home last night from four days training at the Irish Guide Dog Centre in Cork with an assistance dog for the little fellow. He’s a magnificent creature.

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Ah thats brilliant. One of my clients trains them. I have been down there a few times. Its some operation.

The uses of dogs now is phenomenal. The ones not good enough for the blind are working with other disabled and severely autistic kids. I have seen up close the effect they can have
In one case the relationship with the dog got a girl talking after 3 years of silence.


:clap::clap: :dog:




Great stuff

what breed


Its a lovely story.
Girl is quite disformed in the face. After a few years of not thinking anything about herself it obviously became clear she was different. She stopped talking.

They got the dog. One day the motger was cleaning around the house and went upstairs and heard chatting. Confused she thought all kids were out. She listened and realised it was the girl, in full blown conversation with the dog.
I met her at a club where the kids were doing yoga. Dog went over and lid down beside her while she did her thing. Its amazing the bond they grow.


very accurate post


At the end of the day Cork fellas love their guide dogs in fairness


Cross between a golden retriever and Labrador.


great stuff, delighted to hear the good news, hope your kid adores him and him your kid


The season of goodwill has begun !


Guys, I’m almost in tears here. What a way to start the day reading this thread. Huzzah.


Dogs are great. You wouldn’t see a cat doing that, fucking cunts


I must say i was the same. But the girl who mived into attic room has a cat. And the cunt is a stone cold killer. Bringing mice to the door, letting them at the gate and we have not seen a rat (regular occurence) near the place since she arrived. She has set a ring of death around our house and the next door neighbours. For some reason all the animals see them as one big piece of land to protect. As thats the perimeter my fella patrols as well.
I am worried a little about my fella trying to catch her though. He is not doing the wild chasing her up on the shed anymore. Just stalking. He seems to have come to the conclusion like most wise dogs do eventually “i only have to catch you once you sneaky bitch”.


Thanks Kev. Our dog is actually an assistance dog. Assistance dogs work with disabled and autistic kids. He’s just a notch below guide dog standard. He seemingly has a tendency to veer slightly to the right from time to time when out walking, which obviously wouldn’t suffice as a guide dog for the blind. Apart from that we’re told he’s guide dog standard. Just reading through the literature that came back from Cork - There’s a very high attrition rate from puppy stage through to full trained at about 18 months. Approximately 60-70% of them don’t make the grade, usually temperamental or health reasons. They’re then largely used as companion dogs for the elderly.


is it the assistance dog for @Sidney?


The dog veers to the right. That will sort him out.