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i really should withdraw that post
apologies to @Sidney and all dogs


Apology graciously accepted, pal.


I have been walking Knockfierna, and other high spots, for almost 50 years now and have always had a dog with me. I still have dogs at home and I walk them every evening. I consider it still as a treat to go to Knockfierna which can be a bit of a logistics nightmare, I live about 45 mins drive away, but I love the walk and so do the dogs. The best time to be up there at this time of the year is around six in the morning when the sun is just coming out and the frost makes the air as clean and clear as a whistle. As I said I’ve been walking up there with the dogs a long time even before there was any talk of a famine village or proper walkways existed. Getting to the top was a challenge unlike now and it took at least an hour and a half to make it up from Hanny Greens house.

I’ll continue to do so until I can no longer make it to the top and even then I’ll drive to the foot of the hill, opening the gates as I go along and leaving them so as I retreat. My dogs will shit where they want, I’ll walk on the commonage where I want and no crusty type wearing ‘field glasses’ will tell me what to do.


Cool story


That’s the best doggie story so far.



A very dogmatic view .


Ya my mate was filling me in on all that. They are using those who don’t make the grade alot more now though, in various ways.

They are a wonderful organisation.

Dogs are being used in schools as a matter of course now in some countries.

Its all about the oxytocin


Woof !!!


If I find the cunt dog who keeps shitting at the front of my house I’ll string it up.*

*I won’t really, it’s a dumb animal and doesn’t mean harm so I’ll just buy some repellent.


Cc @glasagusban

If you catch it apply a bit of Colmans mustard to its arse. It won’t shit on your doorstep again.


Did you find our Bobby didn’t like the colmans mustard while wiping his arse after making a ham sandwich or something?


What in the name of jaysis is oxytocin I asked myself after reading that post. It must be good stuff. A quick Google produced this …

“Oxytocin is a natural hormone that causes the uterus to contract. Oxytocin is used to induce labor or strengthen labor contractions during childbirth, and to control bleeding after childbirth. Oxytocin is also used to stimulate uterine contractions in a woman with an incomplete or threatened miscarriage.”

Why would this be needed in schools kev !


How is your new pup getting on @backinatracksuit?


This is a chemical derived from good feelings among other experiences. The affection from a loved one or from a dog drives oxytocin. Its heavily involved in a mothers protectionist nature over kids.

It has multiple uses like testosterone.

But being around a dog and having a cuddle or whatever can help calm kids, or allow them learn better or simply find their own balance.



  • sneak up behind it with a kettle of hot water and pour it over him mid dump
  • get a size 36 hurley and just pull on him also mid dump



Sure if I spotted the dog doing it i wouldn’t have a problem but he’s a sneaky little fecker…


She’s doing great mate, really fits in well, just out of a dose of the trots which was tough enough on her, we changed her food and she’s like a Hoover eating anything in front of her, we still didn’t wipe her hole for her though.
She’s still a little fearful on the road, the dock road scares the shit out of her but she loves the space in Mary I and the park in town


No harm to have them afraid of the road.
My fucker has no fear of it and a love of chasing anything diesel